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NFL player visits students
richard collier nfl reads
Jacksonville Jaguar offensive tackle Richard Collier reads to the children. - photo by By Jimmy Currier
Students at Jordye Bacon Elementary School had a special guest Tuesday — Jacksonville Jaguar offensive tackle Richard Collier.
Collier is one of several professionals who will visit the school to discuss his profession and stress the importance of education during the school’s career showcase.
“We want to expose the students to many different careers and have professionals come in and explain the academic skills needed to succeed,” JBES guidance counselor Cherie Boyd said. “Reading, writing, math, following directions, listening and being respectful are all taught and learned in school and those are the qualities needed to be successful in your job.”
Collier told the students that all of the subjects he studied in school have come in handy in the NFL. Upon entering the league, Collier was tested on his verbal and math skills.
Collier proudly talked about his 2004 Division II championship with Valdosta State and the first day he walked onto the football field with the Jaguars.
“I remember watching these guys play on TV and now I’m playing with them,” he said.
The students asked him several questions. Collier said his favorite team growing up was the San Francisco 49ers, his favorite food is shrimp and his favorite subject in school was history.
“This is cool. I like giving back to the kids,” Collier said. “I never had anyone come talk to me about the importance of staying in school. I didn’t meet my first athlete until I entered the NFL”
Collier was the guest of second grade teacher Betty Fraser and Fraser’s student teacher Chandra Baker, a student at Valdosta State University.
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