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Ole Miss will kick AU
Armchair Willie
Armchair Willie

Harrumphhh! 4-1 last week! Ole Miss stunk and Arkansas is really starting to play some god football and it looks like Auburn is stuck again!

The SEC has a light week with only four games, but some of the teams needed an off week after getting their brains kicked in…to bad Georgia. That game wasn’t as close as I thought, but the Tide will continue to move on!

AUBURN AT OLE MISS: Auburn got their butts handed to them last Saturday in Columbia and to be honest, it was the same team that has shown up each week this season.

Auburn’s not good. Ole Miss isn’t much better, but their offense can probably outscore Auburn, even with their shaky defense.

I can’t see either team willing to put up much of a fight on defense and if Auburn gets behind they don’t have a quarterback that can bring them back. I wonder how much longer the Tigers will continue to play for Gus.

I think the bus is starting to get warmed up for a trip out of town for Gus.


SOUTH CAROLINA AT LSU: Ok, Ok I’m not going to cuss at LSU after they had an off week, but they better be ready for a tough South Carolina team.

The Gamecocks used a local kid, Kevin Harris, to score two touchdowns against Auburn and that kind of toughness is something the Bayou Bengals haven’t done well with so far this season.

Sounds kind of funny, but South Carolina may be the better team even though they don’t have the best athletes!

If LSU drops this game, the Ed O era may come to a very quick end despite what happened last year. I hate it, but….


KENTUCKY AT MISSOURI: The Wildcats punched Tennessee in the throat last Saturday while Missouri was off. The Cats are one of the best teams going when they play physical and that means both teams.

Missouri last beat LSU and has shown some fight in every game, even against Alabama. Kentucky was robbed in Auburn and took some of their anger on the Vols last week.

If Kentucky gets good QB play, they are going to be tough to beat. Something tells me they will get that and have a pretty good time against Missouri.





This would have been a bigger game if Tennessee hadn’t lost their last two and hosting Alabama isn’t a great spot to get back on track.

The Tide rolled Georgia and actually gave the Dawgs a more solid beating than what the final score showed. The Tide could have just kept scoring if they had wanted to and the Bulldogs were shut out in the second half after scoring 24 in the first.

Tennessee actually got knocked out by Kentucky and if that’s any indication of what’s to come this weekend, then Alabama might score 70.

This is a long storied rivalry, but for it to be a rivalry, Tennessee needs to win at least once every 15 years or so. Last time the Vols beat Alabama was October 21, 2006. That’s 14 years ago folks. 

It’s not going to happen at least for another year as something tells me after beating Georgia, the Tide isn’t going to stop now and Nick Saban won’t let them be flat.



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