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Opinion: Sports fans have reasons to be thankful
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Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks for the things in life we cherish and for the love of family and friends.
Of course, if you are a sports fan like me there are other things to be thankful for throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.
Here is a personal look at the sports related things I’m thankful for as we approach the holiday weekend.
1. Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about the Dallas Cowboys when it comes to my favorite NFL team. And I can’t remember a Thanksgiving without a Dallas game to watch. This year is no different as the Cowboys (9-1) will host the New York Jets on Thursday afternoon and if they win they will be 10-1 - a first in the team’s history of starts for the season. Tony Romo is just three touchdown-passes away from breaking Danny White’s record of most touchdown-passes thrown in one season. Will he do it against the Jets, or is he waiting for Brett Favre and the Packers the next week?
2. An excuse for cheating on your exercise. OK, this is not the best thing to do but everyone, even Arnold Schwarneger, needs a day off from worrying about the scale and weight. Obviously, the key is to only cheat one day and not from Thanksgiving until Christmas. So just go ahead and enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie or extra slice of turkey.
3. Annual family turkey trot. What is this you say? After we stuff ourselves with delicious turkey and all the trimmings, the entire family waddles out and takes a long, slow walk around the neighborhood or park. It reduces some of the guilt from cheating (see item 2) and helps to digest and burn some of the food you just ate. Plus it makes a little room for more dessert later.
Ok so it’s not a long list but we should be thankful for that as well, I due tend to get long winded at times. To all our readers have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.
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