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Riceboro basketball program helps, enriches young athletes

Georgia Coastal Youth is incorporated as a local nonprofit 501(c)3 organization based in Riceboro. The organization strives to improve the lives of young athletes through youth development and enrichment programs by cultivating the values and skills which promote healthier lifestyles, positive behaviors and academic achievement.

This year Georgia Coastal Youth will present its 9th Annual Southeast Georgia Report All-Star Basketball Games and 8th Annual All-Freshman Basketball Games.

These All-Star games will commence Saturday, March 9, at Midway Middle School, 425 Edgewater Drive in Midway.

This year a Friday night Meet and Greet and 3 Point Shoot-Out have been added. Friday night events will be held at the Liberty County YMCA, 201 Marylou Drive in Hinesville. These events are sponsored in part by Georgia Coastal Youth Incorporated, Southeast Georgia Report, Center Court Basketball Report and

These exposure events will offer all registered athletes, and their families, complimentary access to the organization’s High School Readiness Course and SAT/ACT Prep Workshops. The High School Readiness Course, geared specifically toward 8th grade athletes, will introduce the demonstrative skills, foundational knowledge and key attitudes necessary for success in the classroom, on the court and in life. The outlying purpose of the SAT/ACT Workshops is to assist high school student athletes in achieving significantly higher scores and score improvements. The workshops will highlight the paramount importance of taking the standardized tests and how colleges and universities weigh the results when accepting applicants.

For more information, call 912-695-0481. 

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