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Tiger boys show well in recent meets; Panther girls win rivalry
Bradwell Institutes boys track team placed fourth out of 22 teams at the Beach Run Invitational held April 2 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bradwell then placed first Thursday at the Liberty County Championship meet held at Liberty County High School. - photo by Photo provided.

Bradwell Institute’s boys’ track team placed fourth out of 22 teams at the Beach Run Invitational held April 2 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bradwell then placed first Thursday at the Liberty County Championship meet held at Liberty County High School.

Track coach De’Andre Davis said the Tigers were two points away from finishing in the top three at the Beach Run.
“Everyone else brought their whole track team,” Davis said. “We only traveled with 10 boys. ... I was very proud of my kids.”

He said his team competed in 10 of the 18 events and that Chris Jackson led the way with 25 total points.
Jackson won the 100-meter dash and had his personal best in the 200 with a time of 22.02 seconds, which was good for second place. Terrius Crimiel also had a personal record in the 110-meter high hurdles, 15.20 seconds, which netted him second place. Ty Gowan had a personal best of 9 feet, 4 inches in the pole vault.

The coach said Gowan is only a freshman and did well considering that Bradwell doesn’t have a pole vault area to practice for the event.
In Thursday’s meet pitting the Tigers against the Liberty County Panthers, the Lady Panthers won first place, outscoring the Lady Tigers 75-56. The Tiger boys won 104-31 over the Liberty boys.

Liberty and Bradwell were set to compete Friday at the Richmond Hill Invitational. Those results will be in Wednesday’s Coastal Courier.

Liberty Championship
100-meter dash
1. Jayda Daniels, BI, 12.64.
2. Alyisha Anderson, LCHS, 12.77.
3. Nia Elmore, LCHS 12.93.

200-meter dash
1. Brianna Johnson, BI, 26.38.
2. Aj Achane, LCHS, 26.62.
3. Elizabeth Santiago, BI, 26.65.

400-meter dash
1. Katara Burks, BI. 1:02.88.
2. Jada Wilkins, LCHS, 1:10.65.
3. Alaynna Flanders, LCHS, 1:17.72.

800-meter run
1. Kailey Brough, BI, 2:46.00.
2. Jada Wilkins, LCHS, 2:58
3. Tia Anderson, LCHS, 3:21.00.

1-mile run
1. McKaylin Darsey, BI, 5:55.00.
2. Kailey Brough, BI, 5:56.00.
3. Lillian Kuhl, LCHS 7:15.00.

2-mile run
1. McKaylin Darsey, BI, 13:00.
2. Lillian Kuhl, LCHS, 15:25.00.

100-meter hurdles
1. Naomi Williams, BI, 16.29.
2. Tiffany Walker, LCHS, 16.74.
3. Shasanay Mims, LCHS, 18.41.

300-meter hurdles
1. Aj Achane, LCHS, 47.89.
2. Naomi Williams, BI, 49.31.
3. Chalece Frasier, BI, 49.88.

4x100 relay
1. Alyisha Anderson, Kiara Edwards, Nia Almore and Tiffany Walker, LCHS, 49.72.
2. Katara Burks, Jayda Daniels, Chalece Frasier and Brianna Johnson, BI, 51.67.
3. Aj Achane, Alexus Lawton, Navia Telfair and La’Sheldria Wallace, LCHS, 53.16.

4x400 relay
1. Aj Achane, Tia Anderson, Kiara Edwards and Jada Wilkins, LCHS, 5:05.
2. Kyrah Benning, Nia Elmore, Alaynna Flanders and Briana Jackson, LCHS, 5:24.

High jump
1. Alyisha Anderson and Domonique Rogers, both from, LCHS and Tamia Clark from BI all three cleared 4-feet, 10-inches.

Pole vault
1. Kiara Edwards, LCHS, 8-feet.

Long jump
1. Kyra Barney, BI, 16-feet, 1-inch.
2. Alexus Cisco, LCHS, 15-feet, 8-inches.
3. Nia Elmore, LCHS, 15-feet, 3-inches.

Triple jump
1. Brianna Johnson, BI, 35-feet, 9-inches.
Second place; Alexus Cisco, LCHS, 34-feet.
3. Alaynna Flanders, LCHS, 30-feet, 9-inches.

Shot put
1. Dejah Smith, LCHS, 34-feet, 5-inches.
2. Javonna Johnson, LCHS, 34-feet, 2-inches.
3. Raha Davis, LCHS, 29-ffet, 9-inches.

1. Dejah Smith, LCHS, 125-feet.
2. Javonna Johnson, LCHS, 99-feet, 10-inches.
3. Kourtney Gamble, LCHS, 86-feet, 8-inches.

100-meter dash
1. Chris Jackson, BI, 10.58.
2. Imari Hurte, BI, 10.80.
3. Luther Echols, BI, 10.83.

200-meter dash
1. Chris Jackson, BI, 22.02.
2. Jarquel Richardson, LCHS, 22.03.
3. Imari Hurte, BI, 22.98.

400-meter dash
1. Da’Shaun Coleman, BI, 51.45.
2. Joshua Ferrell, LCHS, 51.74.
3. Christian Medina, BI, 52.45.

800-meter run
1. Christian Medina, BI, 2:18.
2. Dashawn Ricketts, BI, 2:19.
3. Cameron Stacey, BI, 2:20.

1-mile run
1. Isaac Coleman, BI, 5:15.
2. Cameron Stacey, BI, 5:16.
3. Dashawn Ricketts, BI, 5:20.

2-mile run
1. Isaac Coleman, BI, 11:15.55.
2. Devonte Roberts, LCHS, 11:23.44.
3. Rashawn Mallard, LCHS, 11:51.80.

110-meter hurdles
1. Brandon Anderson, BI, 16.19.
2. Khaleel Fabian, BI, 16.87.
3. Jeremiah Johnson, LCHS, 17.76.

300-meter hurdles
1. Jarquel Richardson, LCHS, 39.35.
2. Brandon Anderson, BI, 43.96.
3. Khaleel Fabian, BI, 44.77.

4x100 relay
1. Da’Shaun Coleman, Luther Echols, Imari Hurte and Chris Jackson, BI, 42.06.
2. Jaalon Frazier, Jaleel Gilbert, Jarquel Richardson and Theodis Wilcox, 43.05.
3. Brandon Anderson, Khaleel Fabian, Ke’Ron Mason and Anthony McClinton, BI, 45.29.

4x400 relay
1. Da’Shaun Coleman, Chris Jackson, Anthony McClinton and Christian Medina, BI, 3:39.
2. Roger Bizzard, Joshua Ferrell, Tomarrio Jenkins and Jarquel Richardson, LCHS, 3:43.
3. Rashawn Mallard, Jeremiah Melton, Devonte Roberts and Cainan Smith, LCHS, 3:52.

High jump
1. Chris Jackson, BI, 6-feet.
2. Da’Shaun Coleman, BI, 5-feet, 10-inches.

Pole vault
1. Ty Gowan, BI, 9-feet.
2. Caleb Smith, LCHS, 7-feet, 6-inches.
3. Marquel Dobbins, LCHS, 6-feet, 6-inches.

Long jump
1. imari Hurte, BI, 20-feet, 11-inches.
2. Jaliel Nieves, BI, 20-feet.
3. Carson Coppet, LCHS, 19-feet, 3-inches.

Triple jump
1. Taurus Dennard, BI 43-feet, 3-inches.
2. Khaleel Fabian, BI, 39-feet, 11-inches.
3. Carson Coppet, LCHS, 38-feet, 6-inches.

Shot put
1. Luther Echols, BI, 44-feet, 5.5-inches.
2. Jeremiah Gilbert, BI, 41-feet, 6.5-inches.
3. Enrique Tolbert, LCHS, 38-feet, 4-inches.

1. Enrique Tolbert, LCHS, 152-feet, 5-inches.
2. Etienne Chatman, LCHS, 106-feet, 7-inches.
3. Nathan Williams, BI, 104-feet, 10-inches.

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