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Tiger volunteer coach learns with players
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There is a saying, "you learn something new every day."
Pamela Viscarra, the Lady Tigers’ new volunteer assistant coach, said learning something new was one of the reasons she decided to join the coaching staff.
"I wanted to learn the proper rules of softball and she asked for a volunteer coach," she said of coach Sharyl Eastlake. "I played softball before, but never on a school team and I thought it would be interesting. I have boys at home that play baseball but no girls so this gives me a chance to hang out with the girls."
Viscarra said the position was fun and challenging. She helped coach track at Snelson-Golden Middle School the last two years. She said it helped her learn the rules, master the basics and develop along the athletes helping her grow internally.
Viscarra uses the experience to help her continue her own development. She is currently working on completing her master's degree in special education. She wants to teach locally in a middle school.
"I love the middle school kids," she said. "I love the high school kids as well, but when they are fourth through eighth it's the right time to catch attitudes and learn how to redirect them."
Learning the rules of softball is new to Viscarra, but not many of the players.
"A lot of the players I've known since they were in elementary school," she said. "And I've seen the techniques develop and I've noticed their attitude is at a place where they can play as a team. They are coming together as a team and that's good because softball is not an individual sport. We've got a lot of talent and it continues to come out in each and every one of them."


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