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Tigers avoid OT, beat Savannah Arts
Tiger Josh Olsen, No. 2, slides for his goal attempt in Thursday’s 3-2 win against Savannah Arts Academy - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

With Thursday’s game tied at 2, it looked like the Bradwell Tigers boys soccer squad would face an overtime challenge against Savannah Arts Academy. However, Tiger David Miller kicked the final goal in regulation, giving the Tigers a 3-2 victory at home.

Tigers Marcell Barton and Chris Shuster scored the other goals despite both players struggling through most of the first half. Shuster is still nursing a slight ankle injury and Barton seemed fatigued from carrying the load for the last two games.

The half closed scoreless.

"We were still fighting some injuries," Tiger soccer coach Greg Cooke said. "We were a bit off with the attack. We had tons of chances in front of the net, but we just could not finish when we needed to."

Cooke said that gave the Savannah Arts squad the confidence they needed to stay in the game and score its two goals in the second half.

"Our defense definitely had an off day allowing two balls to bounce around within the box, without properly clearing the ball," he said. "Miscommunication between the goalie and defender allowed a second goal."

But the coach said the Tigers showed their determination by fighting back and taking the win.

"It was another major step forward with this win," Cooke said. "However it shows that we must play every game at top form, if we are to succeed."

The Lady Tigers lost 0-5 against Savannah Arts, who scored 4 of their 5 goals in the first half.

"The girls were just flat-footed and allowed their aggressive offense to put use on our heels," Cooke said. "We are playing with many injuries and players have been sick. In such a short and harsh season, injuries take a major toll on a squad and we are feeling this on the girls’ team."

The Tigers have the weekend off to recuperate and will play Tuesday at Beach High School.

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