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Tough players; soft hearts
Cornelius Richardson (center, wearing red) suits up with the Hurricanes during a practice session. Richardson met the late Christopher Michael Barrios when he was just a baby. The team is playing on June 16 in Brunswick as a fundraiser for the Barrios family.


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The Hurricanes, a semi-pro football team, put on the pads Tuesday as they continue to prepare for the upcoming season.
Carrying around the extra weight from the pads and helmets made the workout that much harder, but the men did not hold back when it came time for the tackles. The hits came fast and hard and even some of the players that did not have their equipment yet, dug in deep and pounded the ground during the evening’s practice.
But don’t let this rugged exterior appearance fool you; this is a team with big hearts for their community. On March 30, some of the Hinesville Hurricanes assisted children during the Easter egg hunt on Fort Stewart. Every year the Hurricanes get involved with the annual youth Punt, Pass and Kick competition that takes place in the summer. It is a way for the team to give back to the community and stay involved with the children.
This year the Hurricanes will play a special pre-season game June 16 at James Macon Middle School in Brunswick to raise money for another child who was a victim of a brutal slaying. On March 15, the body of 6-year-old Christopher Michael Barrios was found inside a black trash bag just along the roadside in Glynn County. The community was horrified to learn the arrested suspects lived across the street from the young boy and more horrified to know that one of the suspects, was a convicted child molester.
Cornelius Richardson, right guard and tackle, for the Hurricanes knew Barrios’ father through mutual friends. He recalls how Barrios was just a baby when he first meet him and feels this pre-season fund raiser for the family is the right thing to do. “The family had to bury this little boy and they need some help getting back on their feet and cover some of the expenses,” Richardson said.
Hurricanes coach James sharp stated that the proceeds from the ticket sale would go to benefit the Barrios family. They are currently in the process of setting up an account and the tickets are only$3 dollars for the game.  

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