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Young and ambitious Lady Highlanders
Practice makes perfect: Leitia Leiataua dribbles the ball into play as the Lady Highlanders practice at the St. James Sports Center. Giving them some direction is volunteer coach Cherie Scaggs (black pants). Head coach Rosby Fraiser said she is happy with the team’s progression so far. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier

With much of the focus on the Highlanders’ men’s squad run in the final four last season, many failed to realize there was another squad of Highlanders hitting the hoops. Under head coach Rosby Fraiser, a 1987 Bradwell Institute graduate and former Lady Tiger basketball player, the talents for the Lady Highlanders are being developed.
“This is our second season and we only have a junior varsity squad because of the grades they are in and the size of our roster,” Fraiser said. “We have a young group but they are very talented. They are willing to listen and they are willing to learn.”
Fraiser said she is proud of the way her team is progressing right now.
“Some girls never played or picked up a basketball before so therefore we are at that learning stage,” she said. “They are getting to know each other and right now I let them know it’s important that they go out there and have fun.”
The Ladies’ junior varsity team does not have as many games as the men’s junior varsity and varsity squads because not all the schools on their basketball schedule have a lady junior varsity squad. But Frasier knows the few games they have are still a challenge.
“All our opponents will be tough this year but I’m looking forward to challenging all of the teams again,” she said. “Asyria Daniels is very fast. It’s her second year with us and I’m expecting a lot from her this season.  She is a true athlete and she is involved in other sports as well. We are excited about Catherine Scaggs who transferred in. She is bringing some leadership to our squad. Over all, we are excited and ready to get started this year.”
The first challenge for the ladies came on Nov. 13 when they tipped off against Faith Baptist. Although they lost 22-28 they stayed within reach for the entire game and fought all the way down to the buzzer. In that game, Scaggs scored 12 points, Leitia Leiataua scored six points, Daniels and Kalynn Fitzgerald each scored two points.
The Lady Highlanders’ home games take place at the St. James Sports Center. They hit the courts at home Dec. 18 against Citizens Christian Academy at 4 p.m.

Junior varsity roster
Head Coach Rosby Fraiser
Assistant Coach Michael Brown
Volunteer coach Cherie Scaggs
#4 Asyria Daniels
#2 Catherine Scaggs
#13 Andrea Bell
#10 Kalynn Fitzgerald
#31 Lupita Martinez
#32 Leitia Laiataua
#21 Suzi Knight
#14 Sam Holt
#43 Sam Haas
#15 Jennifer Pimentel
#41 Jamie Wedincamp
#5 Hannah Floyd

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