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Young man’s tragedy brings hope for others
Sean Archambault
Sean Archambault shows off his Boston Red Sox jersey at a baseball game he attended with his parents last year.

When a young person dies, there is rarely any joy that comes from that tragedy. On June 13, 21-yearold Sean Archambault passed away from injuries he sustained in a fluke accident that occurred as he was learning to ride a motorcycle in a friend’s yard.

Even though, Sean’s death brought sadness to his friends, family, and especially his mother and father, Mike and Kim Archambault, through his death at least five other people have gained hope and a second chance on life. Sean, being an organ donor, and with the help of LifeLink of Georgia, the former altar boy and children’s mentor donated one of his lungs to a 63-yearold man and his strong heart to a 59-year-old man.

Right here in Georgia, Sean gave his liver to a 59-year-old woman, one of his kidneys to a 40-yearold woman, and both his pancreas and second kidney to a 30-year-old woman, who will now be able to continue helping others in her career as a healthcare worker.

And, according to his mother Kim, in addition to saving these people’s lives, Sean will help others by donating skin grafts to burn patients, bone grafts to orthopedic patients, and even his veins to heart patients in need.

On August 28, the Archambaults gathered with friends and family at the Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Hinesville, which was their son’s favorite restaurant, to remember and honor him with a birthday party. Many who attended wore Boston Red Sox attire, because Sean was a huge fan of the baseball team and usually was wearing one of their caps.

Around 50 people attended the party. One person who participated was Holden Riddle, who worked with Sean at City Electric Supply in Hinesville, and who had lived next door to Sean since they both were 5 years old.

“I’ve known Sean my whole life,” Riddle said. “We loved talking about Star Wars, we did fantasy football, we shot our guns in the back yard, we did everything together. We were about to get our own place. We were like brothers. Sean was a great guy. I’m going to miss my best friend.”

Though his parents are happy that others are benefiting from their loss, they both say they miss their son tremendously and wish he was still here with them.

“I miss him more than anyone can imagine,” said his mother.

For Sean’s father Mike, he lost not only a son, but a best friend. The two were always working outside together, shooting targets, or camping.

“He was my world,” said Mike Archambault.

Mike and Kim Archambault show off a birthday cake to everyone who came out to honor their son at Rodeo Mexican Restaurant.
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