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Best things: Artist's favorite painters
Christina Mansfield
Christina Mansfield - photo by Courier file photo

Christina Mansfield is a local painter, photographer and writer. She is also a full-time college student. Mansfield, a Hinesville Area Arts Council board affiliate, recently shared with the Courier her five favorite artists.

• Guido Reni: “The Bologna-born Italian painter created brilliant works that I find breathtaking,” Mansfield said. “My favorite would be his 1602 painting “La Madeleine visitée par un ange.”

• Tawaraya Sotatsu: “This Japanese artist does a wonderful job creating nihon-ga paintings that sometimes include lovely florals and letters or sometimes yamato-e.”

• Bob Norman Ross: “This American painter is one of my biggest inspirations to start painting. What I enjoy most is his usage of wet on wet techniques, which is a technique I have also used in the majority of my abstract paintings.

• John Singer Sargent: “He is one of the most wonderful Italian-born American painters in, my opinion,” Mansfield said. “His work can define realism at its best. I like his realism approach, his usage of diverse mediums in his portrait paintings and his water color landscape paintings.”

• Angela Arlene: My mother is one of my favorite artists.
She uses oil paint as her medium and paints waterway scenes based on her previous residence Europe. My favorite painting of hers is “Flowers in the park.”

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