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Driver happy job lets him travel
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Tracy Rucker 3
Tracy Rucker sits in his Blue Line Taxi cab. Rucker said he likes interacting with the people he meets on the job. - photo by Photo by Frenchi Jones

Name: Tracy Rucker, also known as TKO

Are you married? No.

Do you have any children? “Yes. I have two boys, ages 8 and 2 weeks old.”

Occupation: Taxi cab diver, boxer and entertainer.

Do you have any formal education?
“No. Most of what I have learned I picked up here and there from people I meet and from different experiences that I have. I used to be an outdoor therapy wildlife counselor at Gateway and I received a lot of training from that as well.”

How long have you been driving taxis? “I started driving taxis with Blue Line when they first opened about six years.”

What do you enjoy most about driving? “I enjoy meeting people and traveling. In my line work I get to interact with a lot of different people and that’s what it’s all about.”

What is the down side to being in a car all day?
“Not being able to be at home with my kids. I drive for at least 12 hours every day. I am hardly ever home.”

How many passengers would you say you drive per day? “Not many right now because of the economy and all of the soldiers leaving for training. But on a good day I usually have 10 to 25 customers.” 

What would you say to people who might look down on taxi drivers or think that it is not a true profession? “I can’t speak for others, but I can say I take pride in what I do. When you ride in my taxi, you are going to feel comfortable knowing that you are riding in a nice, clean and the most dependable vehicle in this area. I guarantee it.”

What were you doing prior to becoming a transporter with Blue Line Taxi?
“I was basically focused on my entertainment business. I own my own record company. It is called Diamond Quad Entertainment. When I am not driving or hanging out with my kids, I am in the studio, working on my music. I was just featured on 106.3 and E93 FM. And my music is rated No. 5 in the record pools in Italy.”

And you mentioned that you box also. How long have you been boxing?
“For about 10 years. I have learned so much in the time that I have been doing it that I have now started training.”

So you are like a jack of all trades? “Basically, I believe in hard work and always doing something to occupy your mind. The more trades you have the more opportunity you have to make money and these days are hard times and you need all the work you can get.”

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