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Postal worker enjoys working with public
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Nathan Jones helps Erin Hogan
Nathan Jones helps Erin Hogan. - photo by Photo by Frenchi Jones

Name: Nathan Jones

Occupation: U.S. Postal Service worker at Hinesville Post Office.


Family: Wife Daisy Jones and fourgirls, ranging in ages from 16-29

Minden, La.

Prior to his employment with the United States Postal Service seven years ago, Jones served 20 years in the U.S. Army, working in field artillery. He retired at Fort Stewart with the rank of sergeant first class.  
He said he always knew he would get out of the Army and work for USPS.
“I always admired people who worked at the post office,” he said. “I like the professionalism the job offers and the interaction you have with the public.”

What’s your biggest concern on the job? Long lines and waits in the post office.
“I understand the frustrations,” Jones said. “That’s why I think it is my responsibility to make their visit as enjoyable as I possibly can.
He’s also concerned about satisfying customers.
“Not being able to do enough is probably most challenging for me,” he said. “I don’t have the power and authority to hire the extra help we need.” 

What’s your greatest on-job satisfaction?
His relations with customers.
“I’ve been living here in Hinesville for almost
11 years,” Jones said. “The public and I have formed a close relationship.”
So Jones said he hopes to send customers away with service and a smile.
“It makes my day to know that I have the ability to make them smile despite of the long lines,” he said.

Do you have any hobbies?
“I spend a lot of time gardening,” he said. “While some people enjoy fishing, I just enjoy being outside working in yard.”


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