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Boredom, the epidemic
Military spouse
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For months after we moved here, I was bored out of my mind. I came from a life packed full with college, church and community activism.
Transitioning from that to the life of a military housewife was a very painful challenge. Once I finally started being social and talking to people other than my husband, I learned boredom wasn’t just a problem for me, but a widespread epidemic among many spouses.
The few I talked to who seemed to have something better to do with their time than watch Lifetime movies and read fiction novels kept busy with their children’s activities or entry-level jobs. To be honest, I seriously considered both of these options as cures for my boredom, but I don’t have any children, and I couldn’t seem to get a job. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Many more seasoned military spouses figured out how to stay busy and content in life, and I envied them.
So 60 novels and too many movies later, I was fed up with the boredom and desperate for other options. I found an online school and used Military One Source’s grant to get into a degree program.
I got involved in my church, volunteering for whatever I could get my hands on. I started paying attention to the FRG e-mails because they’re usually filled with pretty cool activities. I exercise more than I used to, but not as much as I should.
And after all that, I’m down to one novel a week.
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