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Don't expect to make big money online
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There are probably more people using the Internet to find a job than there are going to employment agencies. From there, it’s not a giant step from seeking “regular” employment to looking for ways to make money fast and easy on the Internet.
Even if you’ve been on the Internet a long time, there’s something about the possibility of “fast money” that can make even the most cautious person take risks.
Here are some warnings about making money via the Internet.
• Don’t spend a single dollar on online programs that claim to teach you how to make millions. The way they make their money is by putting those ads on the Internet and selling that “secret,” which is how to put ads on the Internet to people like you.
• Don’t fall for those “make money at home” deals. Most are not legitimate. The ones that involve assembling crafts at home end up costing you money for supplies, and then your product will be deemed “not acceptable.” Mystery shopper is only good if you have time to spare and will settle for a few dollars. “Mail envelopes/send e-mail from home” will only net you a list of companies that might hire that kind of worker.
• Don’t choose this time to get into multi-level marketing (MLM). You’ll end up spending money on products you can’t unload, and you’ll annoy your friends as you try to get them signed up as your downstream.
• Don’t pay an advance fee for anything.
• Don’t get involved in online auctions unless you’re already savvy. Better to find a legitimate company in your area that can sell your items online for a fee.
• If you must dabble on the Internet, go with an affiliate program (or a few of them, to maximize the potential) linked to real companies, such as In that case you would set up a Web site where you write about a topic you’re well versed in. (Check for inexpensive Web sites and look for cheap Web hosting.) Then make links to books or products associated with that subject. Don’t expect to actually make any money. If you do, you’ll be surprised. If you don’t, you’re only out a few hours of the time it takes to set up a Web site.

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