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Dr. T doles out water-saving tips
Keep Liberty Beutiful
jack golden shot 2
Jack Golden assumes the role of Dr. T when talking to children about water conservation. - photo by Photo provided.
This week, a very special visitor paid some Liberty County schools a visit. “Dr. T” came to town and brought his unique and hilarious education techniques. Dr. T (aka Jack Golden, a national environmental educator) can make people laugh and learn at the same time. His educational show, “Water, Water Everywhere” is a whirlwind mix of vaudeville, slapstick, juggling, music and fun that focuses on scientific facts and sends environment messages about keeping our planet and water healthy.
Students from four local elementary schools — Taylors Creek, Lyman Hall, Joseph Martin, and Frank Lon — spent part of an hour learning about water conservation, stormwater pollution and common sense tips on being a water saver, not a “water waster.”
Dr. T’s tips for conserving water can work for people of all ages, so I thought I would share some with you.
• Don’t run the water while you brush your teeth (or shave).
• Take showers instead of baths.
• Take shorter showers. Keep your shower under three minutes and still get clean.
• Install a water-saving showerhead and save even more water. These also take less fuel in heating the water, so that saves energy and reduces pollution.
• Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge instead of running the tap for each glass of water when you are thirsty.
• Fix leaky faucets. You can lose more than 20 gallons of water a day from one leaky faucet.
• Surprisingly, only 10 percent of our home water supply is used in the kitchen for cooking, cleaning and drinking.
• A whopping 65 percent of our water supply at home is used in the bathroom.
• Toilets are the largest water users. Consider a low-flow or dual-flow toilet to reduce the amount of water in each flush by half.
• Practice water conservation in your yard, too. In the summer, lawn and garden watering can increase water use by more than 50 percent.
• Water the lawn once a week.
• Use timers, drip systems, etc., to manage water use in landscaping more effectively.
These are all easy changes that any of us can make at home. Thanks, Dr T, for helping all of us to become water savers.

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