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GARD saves lives, friend saves home
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GARD saving lives:  I’ve mentioned this new animal rescue organization based in Pembroke in previous columns but wanted you to know that now they have visited our Liberty County Animal Control facility on two occasions and rescued several dogs that would have been ultimately euthanized. They need dog food, dry and canned, blankets and anything you can supply for the welfare of these lucky animals. For those of you that have lost animals, please call our humane shelter first, then check with GARD to see if they have rescued your pet. Call Joy at 653-2480 or Nell at 727-2647.  

Let’s get busy:  Now is the time to check your bushes, trees and plants for dead growth. Cut all this back now, to ensure healthy plants in the spring. You should have already deadheaded your hydrangeas. Now is also the time to fertilize your fruit trees. There is a special citrus fertilizer you can purchase or use 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 making sure you spread it at the limb drip line. Water it good. I’ve already limed my vegetable garden but it’s not too late. You just need to water it in good to sweeten up the soil. When you prune back plants, try rooting the cuttings instead of tossing them. And you’ve heard me preach before ... don’t throw away any seed. I’ve had good luck with loquats, key limes, avocado and plan to plant grapefruits, apples, tangerines and bell pepper seeds in a few weeks. Once your plants are established in the pot, you may transfer them to the ground.  They will really get a jump-start on growth this summer. You may need to cover them with a five-gallon bucket during the winter, but they will make it. Try not to use pesticides or herbicides if you live near water. Rain will ultimately wash them into the water source. Use other things like lemon joy mixed with water. Use wood ash around the base of your fruit trees to keep out borers. Your yard can bring you so much pleasure if you just give it the right attention.

Peaches to beaches:  If you love yard sales, then you’re in for a treat beginning March 9. There will be 200 miles of yard sale fun from Perry continuing along U.S. 341 to Brunswick.  To participate, call 478-988-8000 for details.

Speaking of yard sales:  Sanctuary on the Sapelo wildlife rehabilitation center is sponsoring its first Wacky Wood and Yard Sale.  This takes place Saturday at Dock Supply on the Isle of Wight Road in Midway. This should be an event of the season with lots of nice household items. Donations will also be accepted. The sale begins at 9 a.m. and lasts until everything is sold.  

Winter maintenance:  Most of us forget to crank our lawn tractors and lawnmowers during the winter. Lawn tractor batteries will last throughout winter, if you just remember to crank them every once in a while. Weedeaters usually should be emptied of gasoline and sometimes your push mower should be drained, however if you use these during the winter, that will keep them maintained. Have a chain saw?  Blades need to be cleaned after every use. I save old toothbrushes to do this chore.  

Hero neighbor:  On the morning of Feb. 25, before most people were even awake, Larry Workman of Lake George noticed smoke coming from his next door neighbors utility house. The building is only about 5 to 8 feet from the main house. The property belongs to long time resident Leona Clement, who now lives in North Georgia with her son Jimmy and daughter-in-law, Carolyn.  The appraisers had just been at the house Saturday. The fire was contained to the utility house, thanks to their neighbor, Larry, who made a call to 911 and then kept the water hose on the utility house. His quick thinking kept the main house from catching on fire. The Lake George firefighters answered the call in record time and put the fire out.  Carolyn, Jimmy and Leona wanted to thank Larry for being a good neighbor and to firefighters Barry Norris, Sam and Chris Ashdown, Jerry Chaffin, C.J. Haulter, Terry Kimmel and Robert Sauls for doing a great job in saving the main house with minimal damage to the utility house. Larry said it only took the firefighters two minutes to respond to the 911 call.  Liberty County Fire Coordinator James Ashdown was also on the scene to make out a report on how the fire started, which was determined to be electrical. Neighbors looking out for neighbors. That’s what it’s all about folks.
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