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Getting with the "Green Scene Rap'
Keep Liberty Beutiful
KLCB column
Ms. Think (aka Karen Bell) performs the rap.
Wednesday’s Earth Day celebration in Bradwell Park turned out to be a  fun family event. Several hundred children and parents showed up to learn more about celebrating and taking care of our planet. I hope you were able to attend. If not, you missed an afternoon of fun and easy ideas.
Going “green” is actually pretty trendy these days, and implementing an eco-friendly plan is simple and usually very inexpensive. Look for ways in your everyday life to conserve and preserve our planet’s valuable resources. Practice a lifestyle that will not harm or negatively impact the world. Incorporating green ideas into daily routines varies from person to perosn, but I think the important thing is to give it a try.
People have a God-given responsibility to act as stewards of the world and help the creatures living in it. Environmental stewardship is a belief that humans are responsible for the world and should take care of it. The concept is based on the premise that we don’t own our natural resources, but that we are managers of resources. We are responsible to future generations for the condition of the Earth. If this were a paid job for us, I think we would have been fired by now.
One of the little giveaways we had on Wednesday for young children playing games, like ‘Recycle or Trash Toss,’ was a blue bag with the saying “Take care of the Earth. Good planets are hard to find.” So true.
What would the world be like if we all recommitted to being responsible stewards? Our roads and greenspaces would be litter-free. Our waterways would be clean. Our air would not be polluted. Our landfills would not be overflowing because we would recycle items that could be reused. It would not take sky-high gas prices for us to think of ways to conserve petroleum products and other resources that have a lasting impact on our Earth.
Like I said, it is simple, really. I think it all boils down to concepts that even young children understand. One fun activity at Earth Day on Wednesday was when Ms. Think (aka Karen Bell, one of our talented Keep Liberty Beautiful advisory council members) led a group of children, with the help of Ronald McDonald, in an Earth Day rap and dance. It was delightful and I don’t usually think of rap that way.
Here is the Earth Day message from Karen’s “The Green Scene Rap:”

The Green Scene

It’s the Green Scene
It’s the Green Scene
It’s Earth Day
It’s Earth Day
(repeat twice)

Turn off the water
when you brush your teeth
Take shorter showers
 to conserve your water

(repeat the chorus)

Turn off the lights
when you leave the room
Use CFL lights
to keep your energy down

(repeat the chorus)

Turn down plastic
when you’re at the store
Use reusable bags when
you need to buy more

(repeat the chorus)

Reduce, reuse, recycle
is the way to go
Talk to Keep Liberty Beautiful
to find out mo’

(repeat the chorus)

Make our Earth healthy
by the things you do
Our world is what you make it
It’s up to you
Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t? Try living it out today!

More upcoming KLCB events that need your help:
• Through May 15: Recycle 4 Liberty contest in schools. Schools will collect PET #1 plastic bottles and the tops of aluminum cans.
• May 2, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Gum Branch cleanup, Isle of Wight cleanup.

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact Swida at 368-4888 or

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