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Going 'green' for Earth and your budget
Save money
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Along with reducing your impact on the Earth’s resources, “going green” can often save you money. And it doesn’t necessarily have to involve a big lifestyle change. Here are some simple steps you can take to live a bit “greener.”
At home:
• Buy local meats, dairy products and vegetables. Wash clothes in cold water and dry them on a line outside. Shop garage sales or buy used instead of new. Buy a faucet filter and stop buying bottled water. Install ceiling fans and turn off the A/C.
• Install a low-flow shower head. Use a water drum to collect roof rainwater for watering the garden and lawn.
• Instead of using pesticides that contain chemicals, look for cheaper and safer alternatives. For example, sugar and boric acid is said to kill ants.
At work:
The greenest way to go to work is not to go to work. Telecommuting saves on clothing costs, eating out, vehicle use and so much more. But if you have to show up, there are ways to “go green” at work.
• Don’t buy office supplies until you’re sure you can’t make do with what you have. Print double-sided pages. Make your own scratch paper out of the reverse side of paper that would ordinarily end up in the trash. Decide if software upgrades would let you get another six months or a year out of your computers. Lower (or raise) the thermostat one degree.
• For commuting, keep your car tuned up to reduce emissions and increase your gas mileage. Reduce your highway speeds to save gas. Use public transportation, if possible, or walk, bike or carpool.
Not everything “green” is a money saver, however.
• Compact fluorescent light bulbs cost more when you buy them, and you might have a problem getting rid of them later if stores in your area aren’t signed up to collect and dispose of CFLs.
• Green cleaning products cost more and are thought not to work as well. Look for products you can make yourself with simple ingredients.
You don’t have to “go green” all at once. Take it a few steps at a time and you could end up with a bonus: a less-expensive lifestyle.

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