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Grand Theft Auto is no child's game
Limerick Plantation happenings
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What’s this world coming to? I can’t believe the video games they advertise today on TV.  What caring, level-headed parent would buy their child a game called “Grand Theft Auto?”  Maybe this is why there are so many car thefts these days. Once before in my column I asked how many parents have tuned in to the Cartoon Channel?  Have you looked at the violence on that show? Whatever happened to families playing games together after supper?  Can you remember the last time you played checkers, chess, scrabble or monopoly? Or how about UNO or Yatze? I recently played a new game called Turbo Yatze. What a great game! Don’t buy a video game just because your child says everybody has it — and for goodness sakes, block out the Cartoon Channel.

Go native, sit back and relax:  It’s time to make plans for your yard. Native plants thrive on just a few days of loving care during the process of planting and watering until it gets a good start. After that, you can just sit back and enjoy them with little care or attention. Also, you can shred newspapers, place them around the base of a plant or tree, then cover it with a good coating of pine straw and VOILA! Hardly any more watering. Once the newspaper gets wet, it will keep moisture at the base of your plant. If you would like a list of native plants in Georgia, just go to Georgia Native Plant Society on your computer and enjoy what you see. There are so many choices. If you don’t have a computer, you can find out about them from your local library or nursery. One tree I still don’t have is the “fever tree” Margie Love wrote about recently. Citrus trees aren’t native to Georgia, but with our climate becoming increasingly warm, more and more people are planting citrus trees. My pink grapefruit tree had over 40 luscious fruits on it this year. I had 12 juicy pears, gallons of figs, buckets of kumquats and lots of peaches and grapes the animals got to first. So fruit trees are another area you might want to explore. Just remember, they need full sun. I still have hopes for my apple tree which hasn’t bore yet. I have 11 loquat plums that produce regularly also, as well as two other varieties of plum similar to the ones you buy in the grocery store. Fig trees are very easy to root, so I have reproduced several from my mature trees. As all of you know, I am a seed collector. I have enough grapefruit seeds to start an orchard. My friend, Paula, shared two of her “blood oranges” with me recently and I saved all those seeds also. The loquat plum seeds are very easy to grow. I have eight small seedlings in pots and have planted about four dozen more in pots. Just plan your yard to enjoy for the coming years and you won’t regret it.  

Wonder woman of Woodland:  As many Woodland Lakes residents know, there have been lots of improvements in the community within the past 10 to 15 years. Plants and trees have been placed around the clubhouse. Palm trees, dogwoods and cedars have been planted at the front entrance. The old wooden fence at the front entrance was replaced by a lifetime PVC white picket fence. The bridge over the lagoon behind the clubhouse is decorated every year for Christmas. The clubhouse is also decorated for the holidays as is the front entrance. Donated azaleas and lilies were planted at the recreation area by the big lake and picnic shelters were built. Fish and chicken dinners, cake sales and yard sales have been held for years to raise money to fund all of these things. Most recently, a huge piece of equipment was added to the playground. A massive cleanup of old campers and derelict cars, trucks and trailers was conducted in 2004 as part of the Great American Cleanup, a nationwide event. Who is the “wonder woman” behind all this? Lois Smith, who will quickly tell you none of it could have been accomplished without her sidekick, Buddy, and her many friends who volunteer at every event. Honk the next time you see her out on her golf cart. Let her know how much you appreciate all she and her “posse” have done.

News from GARD: This animal rescue organization, newly formed and licensed out of Pembroke, has  rescued at least a dozen dogs from our animal shelter and has gotten them adopted out. They are in dire need of heart worm positive medication. If you are a veterinarian in this area, won’t you please help this wonderful group by donating this item. They are working off a shoestring budget right now and need any help you can offer. On April 7, starting at noon, they will be adopting out animals at the new pet boutique called Shaggy Shic on Route 80 in Pooler next to Piggly Wiggly. They will be offering pet Easter baskets. Call 876-3891 or 653-2480 to place an order in advance.  
Mark your calendars
• Wednesday, March 21: Spring begins
• Saturday, March 24:     Spring Plant Festival at Bamboo Farms. Admission is free. Parking is $2.
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