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Isle of Wight residents serving it up
Limerick Plantation
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New business: Recently, my mom and I discovered a new barbecue place in Richmond Hill. After a great meal, the owner, Clyde Fabre, introduced himself and gave us a free taste of his delicious Brunswick stew. Clyde and his son, Kevin, recently opened the Smoking Pig Bar-B-Que in the Chu’s shopping center. Clyde and Kevin live at Isle of Wight and take turns running the business.  I’d like to wish them the best, since they are locals who live in the fourth district. Give them a visit. You won't regret it.

Contact me please: I’ve had two Sunbury residents approach me recently stating the person or persons claiming ownership of the old dock in the Sunbury community cannot produce proof — a deed.  Also, the county claims they don’t own it. If you have any input into this situation, please contact me. If that dock indeed does belong to the people of the Sunbury Community, then you need to get together and fix it up and take pictures to prove who is doing it.  Don’t let it slip through your fingers on a technicality.

Changes happening to our community: There will be a meeting at the courthouse annex at 4:30 p.m. July 17 to change property adjacent to the Villages at Limerick to a “conditional” PUD.  I talked privately with developer Claude Dryden about this project.  In a nutshell, there will be 277 more houses built where all the planted pines are behind the existing 16 houses. There will be a private water and sewer system, a baseball and soccer field, hiking trails and a community building. The buyers will have to sign a stringent agreement to the POA rules that will be in place. The POA will be run by professional property managers, rather than the residents. I asked how close the new development would be to the old landfill methane pipes and Mr. Dryden assured me “not close at all.” He also mentioned another egress/ingress road would be located further down Limerick from the existing one. Please attend this meeting and hear all the specifics presented by zoning officer Sonny Timmerman.   

Illegal things: Why is it that since fireworks are illegal in Georgia, with the exception of sparklers and non-exploding fireworks, major businesses in Hinesville were selling them? I even saw two different tents set up in parking lots selling illegal fireworks and no law enforcement officers shutting them down. And why are garden departments and nurseries allowed to sell invasive water plants that ultimately end up in ponds, lakes and rivers? Recently, there was a story about a fisherman catching a piranha in a North Carolina river — the result of someone buying this illegal fish as a pet and then releasing it into a river. How dumb is that? And how about these dark tinted windows in cars and trucks? A law officer could not even see the driver if he were to approach them. Another “law breaker” is stereo equipment with volumes loud enough to break the sound barrier. Why are stores allowed to sell this stuff? More law breakers are those who burn or build without permits. Then there are the businesses throughout Liberty County that do not have a commercial dumpster on their property. What a loss of revenue.  And how about underage kids riding four wheelers without helmets. I thought you had to be of license age to ride a four-wheeler.  And how about dogs running loose everywhere or those that bark constantly? Clerks are mandated in all 159 counties of Georgia to check your driver’s license whenever you buy certain “abused” products, such as spray paint. I recently bought a can of spray paint to re-do a rattan table. I was never asked for any identification.  Last week when I gassed up at a local station, a young man in front of me paid for a soda and then asked for a pack of cigarettes. When the clerk asked for his driver’s license, he said he didn’t have one.  She sold him the cigarettes anyway. I watched to see which vehicle he was driving and it happened that he was the passenger. I see so many people not being asked for their ID when buying things that require it. Where is the law in this county?

Reminder: I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m going to keep mentioning it until everyone gets into the habit. Please, please ladies, buckle your purse to the child’s seat in your shopping cart. I still see so many ladies leaving their purses unattended while shopping or with the purse slung over their shoulders. You’re just a robbery waiting to happen. Get in the habit of buckling it to the child’s seat in your cart. That way, maybe you won’t lose your purse and its contents. Better yet, place your money and credit card for a particular store in your pants pocket. Leave your purse at home and keep your driver’s license, insurance card and registration in the glove department. Just don’t forget to take it out when you get home. Be safe.
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