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List of cleanup projects growing
Keep Liberty County Beautiful
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The volunteers who cleaned up around the Sunbury boat ramp pose with a banner for the Great American Cleanup. - photo by Photo provided.
The list of Great American Cleanup projects for this spring continues to grow, but we need your involvement for it to be complete.  
We kicked off our first cleanup last Saturday at the Sunbury boat ramp and fishing pier down on the east end of the county. It was such a terrific effort! More than 30 neighbors and friends of the Sunbury area came out to prune overgrown bushes and trees, create some coastal plantings and kayak along the water’s edge to remove litter and debris. This enthusiastic community, with the help of manpower graciously donated by Coastal Lawn Care, accomplished all of this in a matter of hours.
In spite of some aggressive sand gnats for the first hour or so, Luanne Smith, coordinator for this event, and her crew worked like a team who had been doing this for years.
While the adults primarily worked on the landscaping activities, most of the teens combed the roadways for litter.
Several of our Hampton Island friends, who kindly furnished extra kayaks for the event, worked on the water cleanup. Dave Sapp and Gary Eckmann with the Liberty County Solid Waste Department pressure washed the pier, fixed and consolidated signs and repainted the handicapped parking spot. Dave and his crew are always so supportive with these projects.
Coastal Lawn Care also donated a variety of grasses, palms, and other beautiful plants to decorate the landscape around the pier. We also appreciate the help of Sea Scape Excavator for providing a load of dirt. Although there are a few finishing touches that need to be done, the area looks fantastic. Shrimp Docks was kind enough to provide a wonderful lunch for this hungry bunch of volunteers when they go through. It was the best hamburger I ever had! Trent Long also helped us with drinks during the cleanup and with the preparation of some signs we used advertising this event. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this project but, especially Luanne and her family, who got this effort in their community going. Thanks, Luanne, for a job well done.
We also had a beautification project at Dorchester Presbyterian Church earlier. With plants and supplies donated by Water Systems Management and the help of Pascal Brewer with some tree seedlings, a number of faithful volunteers planted azaleas and dogwoods, picked up litter and pinecones — millions of pinecones — and trimmed back unwanted growth around the trees and in the church yard.
The results enhance the recent work on cleaning and repainting the church. It is absolutely beautiful. But there is still more to do. We will be planning another work day soon and we encourage everyone with ties to this lovely and historic community church to get involved in maintaining this treasure.
As you can tell, collaborations of individuals, neighbors, businesses, and government make the most successful cleanups. It can happen in your community and neighborhood too. Just call and get involved!
Reminders about upcoming events with the Great American Cleanup:
• March 24: 1 p.m. Whitewash Party for historic Seabrook School. Contact 884-7008 to volunteer. Refreshments provided.
• March 31: 9 a.m. St Catherine’s Island Beach Cleanup
We still need one more boat. Contact 368-4888 or
• April 17: 5-7 p.m. Kid’s Earth Day at the Park.
• April 21: 8 a.m.-12 noon Neighborhood Watch Cleanups. Contact Officer Michael Trombley at 368-8211 or your local Neighborhood Watch coordinator.
• April 21: 8 a.m.-noon City of Flemington Cleanup on Old Sunbury Road and Peacock Canal. Contact 368-4888 to volunteer.
• April 22: Earth Day To receive church bulletin inserts for your church on Earth Day and environmental stewardship, contact the KLCB office at 368-4888.
• April 28: 8 a.m. -noon Hinesville’s Highway 84 Cleanup to the Limits To volunteer, contact Officer Michael Trombley at 368-8211 or KLCB at 368-4888.
• May 17-19 Old Tire Roundup in Liberty County No commercial customers. Noncommercial and Liberty County Residents only may participate. For information, call 368-4888.
• March 1-May 31: Young Adult Liberty Leaders and local schools are spearheading a recycling collection for plastic bottles (soda and water type bottles) with the Students for Recycling national project.
Please help these young leaders as they lead this drive for our community.
Midway Middle School Builders Club is collecting athletic shoes for recycling through the Nike Grind project. So start gathering those shoes, because all parts of these shoes can be recycled.

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact Swida at 368-4888 or
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