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Neon signs among top ten collectibles
Limerick Plantation happenings
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Where there’s a well there’s water:  Rep. Bob Smith, (R-Watkinsville) recently said, “People who rely on well water should not be forced to link up to city or county water systems.  Smith recently sponsored a bill to protect well owners. On April 10, the Senate approved Smith’s measure, House Bill 247, with a 42-3 vote. John Huffmaster, legislative director for the Georgia Farm Bureau, said if you’ve had your well for years and there is no problem with it, you should not be mandated to go on a countywide water system. Having read all this in the April 11 edition of the Savannah Morning News, I wonder how Walthourville forced its residents to connect to city water.  

Valuable collectibles:  Recently while surfing eBay, I discovered the top 10 most wanted collectibles. They are (in no particular order) vintage jewelry, Depression glass, antique furniture, pinball machines, oil paintings, vintage cars, neon signs, Civil War memorabilia, vintage movie posters and vintage T-shirts. Better start going through your attic and garage.

Multiplying onions:  A big thank you to Twin Oaks Nursery in Midway for finding me some multiplying or “pregnant” onions.  

Roadside and U-pick farms:  There are more than 17 places in our area where you can get fresh vegetables all summer long, from Ludowici to Lyons. During April, you can pick your own strawberries. When May rolls around, you should be able to get blueberries, squash, cucumbers and Vidalia onions right off the farm. Go to to view the farms you can visit.

Almost a rescue: I would like to thank Pat Jackson, a long-time resident of Hinesville, for meeting me at the property I thought was owned by her family. As it turned out, their property is on the opposite side of Frank Cochran and South Main, not where I had spotted those gorgeous fringe trees. She called Holtzman real estate company and asked if they knew who owned this particular piece of property, and I was given a name and phone number to call. I tagged the shrubs with orange tape so they wouldn’t get lost in all the greenery. I also tagged two mullein plants, which you don’t see around these parts too often. They look like large tobacco plants and have a huge yellow flower spike at the top. I hope the owners will allow me to “rescue” these beautiful plants.  

A real rescue:  Many thanks to Monika Poole, office para-pro at Jordye Bacon School for rescuing a small rabbit from a sure demise in the clutches of a cat. They have been “bunny sitting” the tiny animal at the school, with everyone taking turns keeping it company. What a send off it got when I picked it up on Friday. He may have an injured hind leg, but is eating well and is happy in his new nest of fresh pine straw and cedar chips.  Monika took great care of him, even naming him Mopsy. Once he can cope normally, he will be released back into the wild, away from houses and businesses.

Exemption bill approved: It was announced Liberty County homeowners could make minor improvements to their property without fear of their tax bill increasing. The Senate approved House Bills 767 and 768 recently. Under current rules, when homeowners make any improvements, their property value is reassessed, affecting their tax payments. The bills would prevent residential reassessments until home improvements exceed 5 percent of the property’s value.

Mark your calendar:
This weekend: Vidalia Onion Festival and Woodbine Crawfish Festival
Sunday: Supper in the Strawberry Patch at Bamboo Farm
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