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Not recycling? There's no excuse
Keep Liberty Beautiful
KLCB pooles deli visit
Some lunch buddies at Poole’s Deli recently got to meet Flat Tommy when he dropped by the restaurant for a lunchtime visit. - photo by Photo provided.
Recycling yet? If not, you are increasingly in the minority in Georgia. In recent polls, 55 percent of Georgians say they recycle. If you have not gotten on board the recycling train yet, you might want to check out the Web site There is quite a bit of interesting and entertaining information on this site, which is the centerpiece of a new statewide recycling campaign.
One fun section includes a Flickr photo gallery full of photos of people around the state who have “met” Tommy Krenshaw (a.k.a. Flat Tommy), the nonrecycler I wrote about last week. Be sure to click on the Liberty County folder to see who met Flat Tommy this week.  
Specifically, I hope nonrecyclers will check out the “frequently asked questions” section and some of the other information and links about recycling.  
I am going to give you a headstart by sharing a few of the questions and answers here, but you definitely need to check out this Web site. It is certainly a fun way to get folks thinking about recycling.
Q: Why should I recycle?
A: Everyone should recycle. It’s easy. It makes a difference. It matters. It creates jobs. It helps the environment. It sets a good example. Not convinced so easily? Here are some real facts:
It’s hard to miss a recycling bin these days. In Georgia, there are hundreds of curbside recycling programs and even more drop-off locations, like ours in Liberty County. Many businesses offer recycling and many event venues and other public spaces also provide recycling containers to capture your materials while you are on the go. Here we have a program for community events called Away From Home Recycling.
By adding recycling to your daily routine, you are making a direct impact on the environment:
• For every ton of materials recycled in your community, one and a half tons of   carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.
•  For each aluminum can that you recycle, the energy saved could power a TV for three hours.
• A ton of paper made from recycled fibers conserves 7,000 gallons of water. Want another water shortage? Heck no! So, let’s do our part by recycling!
• While 87 percent of Georgians say recycling should be a top priority, more than 40 percent of what is in the average Georgia landfill could have been recycled. It was wasted instead. We are running out of landfill space in our world, people, so let’s not waste space with things that can be used again.
 Q: Can one person really make an impact by recycling?
A: A lot actually. Here are some more facts to prove our point:
• Recycling five pounds of paper (or the equivalent of a stack of newspapers) will conserve enough water to “offset” the water used in a typical shower.
• Recycling one glass bottle saves enough electricity to light a 100 watt bulb for four hours.
Q: How can I get my non-recycling wife/boyfriend/friend/co-worker to begin recycling?
A: Lead by example. You can’t begin to expect someone in your life to recycle if you don’t. This is especially important for children, who mimic everything you do — good and bad. Show your potential convert how you recycle and make it part of your routine with them. For example, if you are co-hosting a party with your boyfriend at his house, bring your recycling bin or bag and offer to collect the cans and bottles.
Got a non-recycling co-worker? Ask them to help you clean up after a big meeting and show them where the office recycling bin is for the used cans and water bottles.
Q: Aren’t we already recycling? How much better could we do?
A: If Georgians recycled just 1.7 million tons of the 2.6 million tons of recyclables they currently throw away annually, it would:
• Conserve 4 percent of the total energy consumed annually within the state — equal to the transportation energy consumed by more than 1,000,000 Georgians each year.
• Conserve more than seven million barrels of oil, calculated at an annual savings of almost $700 million.
Your recycling will make a difference. Check out and find out more.

More upcoming KLCB events that need your help:
• June 20: Quarterly Recycle It! Fair. Recycle electronics, cell phones, ink cartridges, fluorescent bulbs, household paint (no rusted cans), household goods, motor oil and antifreeze, car batteries, household batteries and more.
• Nominations for Win-dex Awards for Attractive Businesses of the Quarter will be accepted through Junes 30. Contact Keep Liberty Beautiful for a form or information.
Congratulations, Midway Middle School, winner of the 2009 Recycle 4 Liberty Contest! Great job!

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact Swida at 368-4888 or
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