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Recycling is good for the sole
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Recycling is definitely good for the Earth, but did you know that it can also be good for the soul? Oops, I mean sole. At the quarterly Recycle It! Fair on Nov. 7, Keep Liberty County Beautiful will join in a national effort to collect 250,000 pairs of shoes in November. We’ll still accept the same recyclables — like electronics, household paint, fluorescent bulbs, etc. — but we will also accept gently worn shoes, which will be donated to Soles4Souls for the nonprofit’s Thanks4giving event.
Soles4Souls has a simple mission: to impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. They take donated shoes and distribute them to needy families worldwide. Shoe companies, retailers and individuals can donate footwear, both new and used. Soles4Souls is recognized by the IRS and anyone who donates is eligible for tax advantages.
The idea behind gifting shoes is nothing new to the Soles4Souls team. They coordinated relief efforts for the Asian Tsunami and hurricanes Katrina and Rita, netting more than 1 million pairs donated for these disasters. The program is an ongoing effort.
Now, I know we have people right here in Liberty County who can use shoes, so, if you wish, clean out those shoe racks and take them to local organizations like the Manna House or the Tri-County Protection Agency. Or bring them to us on Saturday and we will deliver them to the organization of your choice. If you would like to participate, stop by the old hospital site on Highway 84 between 9 a.m.-1 p.m. with your shoes and other recyclables.
At the Recycle It! Fair we will be collecting e-waste — computers, printers, monitors, computer accessories, stereo equipment and televisions. We will also accept cell phones and accessories. Technology has certainly revolutionized our lives in the past several decades, but electronics can create significant hazards if we dispose of them in landfills. Because technology changes, items become obsolete quickly. Take the time to round these up and bring them in. All hard drives will be wiped clean for your security by Goodwill Industries. Recycling these items benefits the environment and many local service organizations who turn them in for funding.
We will also accept household paint as long as the cans are sealed and are not rusted. If your cans are not in good condition, add cat litter or sand to the paint, let it completely dry up and dispose of it in your regular garbage. We will also collect fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures, which contain mercury. We want to make sure these items do not end up in landfills.
With the help of Coastal Auto and Recycling, we will accept motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries. Never pour automotive fluids down a storm drain or just dump them. They cause severe water pollution problems. When storing motor oil and other auto fluids, seal them in clean, dry containers so the fluid is not contaminated.
You can also bring batteries, printer ink cartridges, telephone books, hardback books, household goods and clothes to the fair.
Drop by and pick up a free reusable canvas shopping bag. They are certainly handy. If space is tight in your kitchen or you have a small household, using canvas bags is a convenient alternative to plastic bags that can pile up. If you have never recycled and would like a free, easy way to “test drive” it, come by and pick up a few bags from us.
“Flat Tommy,” a cardboard celebrity in a statewide recycling awareness campaign, will also join us at the fair. He will be available for photo opportunities with local recyclers. Pictures will be added to our Facebook page and many may even end up on the statewide campaign site, If you have not checked out this site, you really need to. It is fun and informative.
We will extend the electronics collection through next week, Nov. 9-12, to assist local businesses and industries who have electronics that need to be recycled. For large quantities, we can arrange a pickup. We will also accept items dropped off at the shopping center in front of Goodwill between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Nov. 9-12. For information or to schedule a pickup, call 368-4888 or e-mail
 Recycling is an easy way to minimize some of the environmental problems plaguing our planet. There are so many of us living on Earth and we generate a tremendous amount of trash — especially in the United States. By recycling, we can reduce the amount of waste in landfills and conserve our natural resources. So clean out your storage room and join us Saturday.
KLCB announcements that you can use to help save the environment:
• Saturday, Nov. 7, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.: Recycle it! Fair We will accept electronics, phones, ink cartridges, paint, fluorescent bulbs, used motor oil and more at the old hospital site in Hinesville.
• Nov. 9-12: Business electronics recycling collection. We’ll accept old computers and other electronic equipment for recycling.
• Saturday, Nov. 14, 8:30 a.m.: City of Walthourville cleanup. Participants should meet at city hall. For information or to register, call 368-7501.

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact Swida at 368-4888 or
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