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Remember Mother Earth on Moms Day
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Today is Mothers Day — I hope you didn’t just wake up and realize that! But all is not lost, if you did. You can still salvage the day and save face — and even do it in a way that honors Mother Earth, too. After all, Mother Earth is our ultimate mother. Let’s make it special for her, too.
There are some quick and thoughtful ideas that will make mom know she raised you right. They require just a little effort on your part.
Thank goodness for computers at this time. They definitely expand the options for last-minute gifts. There are also local businesses that offer some eco-friendly options you can take advantage of at the 11th hour.
To help you get that “green” part of your brain activated, here are some ideas for an ecologically-appropriate Mothers Day:
• First, go online and send mom an e-card to show you care. Just google “e cards” and find a site with a card that will speak to your mom. E cards mean no paper or trees are used in the production of your greeting and, of course, no postage necessary.
• Get your children to lend a hand. Artwork or crafts from grandchildren will thrill any grandmother on Mothers Day. Make it even better by creating those works of art on recycled paper or with items that can be recycled.
• Do you have a T-shirt on hand in Mom’s size? Use some acrylic paints and household items to stencil a picture or a message for your mom. Everyday items, like cans, bottles and food items can make a great shirt.
• Go to the store again and pick out a young tree or flowering bush to plant in mom’s honor today.
• If mom is an avid cook, just get several herb plants, potting soil and even an attractive container, like a strawberry pot, to plant them in. Fresh herbs available on her porch or in her garden will afford her a way to cook with flavor every day.
• Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers from your garden or buy some at the store.
• Create a coupon book for her of projects or chores that you can help her with when she is ready. Coupons for help with gardening or lawn maintenance or taking recycling to the local drop-off center will certainly be appreciated.
• Buy up organic eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables to make mom a healthy and delicious brunch or lunch. Nothing says love like good — and healthy — food.
• Go online and order some organic bath or spa products for her. Mom might not purchase things like that for herself, but will love these luxury items.
• Make a donation to an environmental or eco-friendly organization in her honor.
See, it’s not too late to make mom feel special and take care of the Earth, too.
My mother passed away in 1989 and I still take time to remember her on Mothers Day and everyday since then. Mothers are very precious people. Let’s love them as long and as well as we can. Happy Mothers Day.

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