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Special ed goal for students is after school
School notes
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In last week's article I discussed where the LCSS is regarding the objectives for the goal: “To improve post school outcomes for students with disabilities.” What is the Division for Exceptional Learning doing to help students achieve these goals?
Two years ago a transition coordinator, Mary Edwards, was hired by the DEL office to work with SWD and teachers. She conducts an intake with each exiting 8th grader or entering 9th grade SWD to find out what are their interests and abilities. Through the information gained from the student and his/her parent, a transition plan is formulated. This plan helps each school design a program for that student that aligns with the “post secondary plan” for that student. Some of our students work out in the community part of the day. Some of our students learn about work during the school day. Some of our students study coursework to attend colleges or vocational schools after high school.
Last year DEL provided funding for each high school to offer tutoring to SWD who had taken, but not passed, portions of the GHSGT. The students attended after school tutoring with a content area teacher every week. Many of these students passed the re-administration of the test. Those who did not pass the test, improved their scores significantly and will, hopefully, pass the next administration. This program was so successful, that we are implementing two tutorials between each administration of the test at each high school throughout school year 2009-2010 and into the summer. The focus is to help students concentrate on one test at a time with more intensive tutoring from a content specialist, and pass the test. The outcome will be to have more SWD earn a regular high school diploma.
In future articles we will discuss the other three performance goals, where we are as a county and what our plans are to improve.

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