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Special ed goals being met
School notes
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In the fourth of our series on the Georgia Department of Education Performance Goals and Indicators, we will look at Goal Three:  “Improve the provision of a free and appropriate public education to students with disabilities.”  Today we will focus on the first three of six objectives within this goal.
Objective one is to increase the percentage of students who are evaluated and determined eligible for special education within 60 days.

    Year    Target    Georgia    LCSS
    2005-06    100%    85.8%    94.2%
    2006-07    100%    88.3%    96.1%
    2007-08    100%    89.1%    97.4%
    2008-09    100%                      not yet posted

Objective two is to increase the percentage of students with disabilities (SWD) who receive their instruction in the general education setting with appropriate supports and accommodations.
The overall goal of the Office of Special Education Programs in Washington D.C. is for 90 pecent of SWD to receive their instruction in a general education classroom 80 pecent or more each day by the year 2014.
That 80 pecent of the day can be in general education classrooms with supports and accommodations, in a general education classroom with the support of an inclusion paraprofessional or in a co-taught classroom where both a special education and general education teacher are present.
It is anything other than a “pull out” resource classroom, where only special education students are present and taught by a special education teacher.

    Year    Target    Georgia    LCSS
    2005-06    54%    54.3%    34%
    2006-07    57%    55.9%    35.3%
    2007-08    59%    60.3%    54.1%
    2008-09    61%    ???    61.3%

In subsequent articles, information about high school targets and the Georgia High School Graduation Test scores, as well as the other three objectives for goal three, will be discussed.  

School notes is an opinion piece written by staff members of the Liberty County School System covering areas of their expertise. Kelly is executive director of Liberty County Division for Exceptional Learning
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