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Special ed sets goals for students
School notes
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This is the third in a series of articles discussing the Georgia Department of Education’s expectations of services for students with disabilities in schools in Georgia. Goal two is to “Improve services for young children (ages 3-5) with disabilities”. There are three objectives for this goal.
Objective one is to increase the percentage of young children referred by parents, or other agencies prior to age 3 who are determined eligible and have an IEP implemented by the third birthday. LCSS works closely with both Head Start and Babies Can’t Wait to receive referrals of children who will turn 3 and need evaluation and/or services.

Year    Target    Georgia    LCSS
2005-06    100%    78.1%    100%
2006-07    100%    82.6%    100%
2007-08    100%    96.8%    100%
2008-09     100%               not yet posted

Objective two is to increase the percentage of time young children with disabilities spend in natural environments with typically developing peers.

Year     Target    Georgia    LCSS
2005-06    61.53%    47.1%    0.9%
2006-07    63.53%    83.1%    86.1%
2007-08    65.53%    82.1%    89.2%
2008-09    67.53%             not yet posted

Objective three is to increase the percentage of young children with disabilities who show improved positive social-emotional skills, acquisition and use of knowledge and skills, and use of appropriate behaviors. There is no data and no indication as to how the state will capture this information.
This school year Pre-K will have its first co-taught classroom. Division for Exceptional Learning is working with Pre-K and Bright from the Start to provide this program. Everyone involved is very enthusiastic about this wonderful opportunity. There will be two fully certified teachers as well as a paraprofessional for this class of Pre-K students.
This summer the preschool special education teachers and paras attended a weeklong training session on behavior management for teachers of students with disabilities, data collection, setting up the classroom and providing a curriculum. One of the new instructional coaches working out of the DEL next school year will be available to help support the preschool special education teachers.

School notes is an opinion piece written by staff members of the Liberty County School System covering areas of their expertise. Kelly is executive director Liberty County Division for Exceptional Learning.
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