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Spring into action for worth causes
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Kudos: Our thanks to the county road crew for coming into Lake George and trimming the overhanging limbs off the roadways. They even pruned back the dogwoods in the Tomkinson Memorial Park at Limerick and Lake. Live oaks are the most gorgeous trees in the world, but their outreaching limbs can cause problems, suchc as being hit by huge delivery trucks.
Also, I’d like to thank Vera and Carl Brown for volunteering to serve refreshments to the volunteers who will be cleaning up Lake George on the Great American Clean Up Day.  A date for this event will be announced soon.

Yard and wacky wood sale: Without the generosity of Mindi and Stephen Ansley, owners of Dock Supply in Isle of Wight, Sanctuary on the Sapelo would not have had the success they had March 3. Employees Billie Maxwell-Kersey and Judy Edmunds also pitched in and helped sell items all day. SOS is extremely grateful to all who donated items to sell. Special thanks to Ellen Wyatt for donating a bass boat, trailer and motor. More than $900 was raised. Throughout the day, Ellen’s daughter, Claire, entertained us with her violin virtuoso. We’d like to thank the people of Twin Rivers, Isle of Wight, Lake George, Midway, Hinesville, Woodland Lakes, Lake No-No and Rincon for their generous shopping. Several people made donations. We met Debbie Calicutt of Ludowici, who came specifically to buy the “wacky wood” that was needed to build shelters at the newly opened animal sanctuary called Safe Hollow. There will be other sales throughout the year, so if you have any electric tools, working appliances, furniture, boats, golf carts, antiques, or anything that will bring a good price,  call me and I will pick it up. No clothes or shoes please. The Ansleys have graciously “loaned” us two storage bins next to their Dock Supply business. Make yourself a reminder on your calendar to donate items you find during spring cleaning. SOS is a 501(c) 3 Corporation, so donations are tax deductible item. The organization also needs the computer software “Quick Books For Non-Profit.”  

Want to go oaking? For those of you who missed the opening of the new “oaking trail” at Melon Bluff, you will have another chance Saturday. There will be “grizzled and surly” re-enactors; you can partake of authentic hardtack. There will be some old-time music, oaking demonstrations, tales of rugged men and guided tours every half hour. Tours begin at 11:30. Cost is $3 per adult, with children under 12 admitted free. Remember, no animals are allowed on the trails. The tour is one-and-a-half miles round trip and leads to Long Meadow where you can climb the 45-foot treetop viewing tower. If you have very young children, a wagon would be better for transport than a stroller. Come enjoy a piece of the past.

Activities this weekend: Go out to Melon Bluff and take the Oaking Trail Tour, then decide what else you want to do for the day. You could head to Claxton to the Rattlesnake Round-up where you’ll find fresh vegetables, crafts and antiques. Then again you might want to head to Fitzgerald to the Wild Chicken Festival.

Wild garden party:  Even though this fun event is still a month away, it takes weeks to accumulate door prizes and plants to sell.  I’m already potting beautyberries, horse tails, agave, yarrow, periwinkles, mulberries and even avocado plants. I will also donate 100 seed packets of fun things to plant that I have had success with. If you have any plants to donate, call me. The party, April 14 in Darien, is a year-end event to raise money for the Wild Garden Project, which rescues plants from building sites and along roadways that would ultimately be destroyed. These plants are given a new lease on life. I have dozens of plants in my yard I have rescued over the years. Proceeds benefit Sanctuary on the Sapelo wildlife organization. Stay tuned for more information.

GARD: Just a big thank you to the volunteers at GARD in Pembroke for making multiple trips to our Animal Control and humane shelter and taking animals to their facility and adopting them out.  They’ve had two big adoption days at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital and are planning one soon at Kroger’s in Hinesville.  They have managed to find loving homes for animals that might have been euthanized. On March 6, they sent 35 dogs to Vermont, all of which have homes waiting for them. All animal shelters need your help with donations of food, blankets, flea treatment, paper towels, bleach, treats, etc.

Mark your calendars
Saturday: 11:30 Touring the Oaking Trail at Melon Bluff
Monday: Tree planting on Brigdon Road. Help needed by KLCB
Saturday, March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day  (Be Careful)
Monday, March 26-30: Electronics Recycling collection at designated places
Saturday, March 31: Beach Sweep on St. Catherine’s Island
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