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Treasures in a coffee can
Liberty lore
Carolyn Lufburrow sits in a car with one of the dogs in the back seat. - photo by Photo provided.

Mystery solved

Apparently Tom DeLoach saw the column and knew the folks in the photos.

Here's his email:

I called Lynn Lufburrow, who now resides in N.C.

The pic's are of her family. Her dad, grandad, etc.


Tom DeLoach


And here's Lynn Lufburrow Cress' email on the subject

Those pics are my family. My father raised and trained German Short Haired Pointers(the dogs). The older gentleman is my grandfather Burley M Lufburrow, Ga's 1st State Forester. The younger man is my father and the lady in the car is my mother...Burley B and Carolyn Lufburrow. Some were taken on FS and others at our homeplace in Oliver, GA. We sold the property a few yrs ago( house and 10 acres) to Mr Horton. I'm really surprised he didn't contact me about them. We still own the other 40 acres and have it on the market for sale. Would really appreciate it if I could get copies of the photos. Please call me if you need more info or would like to talk in person. Lynn Lufburrow Cress, Henderson, NC

Later she wrote:

 by the way, the dogs names are Poker and Jeb

A few weeks ago, Royce Horton of Flemington came by my office and showed me some pictures from long ago.
Royce told me that he bought the old Lufburrow place behind Stacy’s store in Flemington about two and a half years ago. While he and his son-in-law were tearing down an ancient shed, they found a Food Lion coffee can. He started to throw it away, but shook it and heard something inside.
The two men opened the can and found four old tin film canisters inside. They took the film to Wal-Mart, hoping for at least a few prints. They had little hope since the film was so old, but to their surprise, three of the rolls came out fine. The other one was too blurry.
Royce and his son-in-law wanted to know who the people in the photos were, so he brought some of the best prints to me, hoping I might be able to identify someone.
I did not recognize any of the people, so I called Herbert Stacy and asked him about the people who had lived at the Lufburrow place.
He told me Mr. Lufburrow collected old cars and kept them under a long shed. There were a few photos of one old car, a house, an older man sitting on the porch relaxing, a younger man hunting and many, many photos of the two bird dogs.
These people must have really loved their dogs. There were many photos of the old man and the younger man hunting in the woods with the dogs, and one had a quail in its mouth. Some pictures showed the dog pointing. The wooded area in the photographs contained many small post oaks and palmettos. There were pictures with people playing with the dogs and riding in the old car with a pretty lady.
My friend Robert Lumpkin said he remembers going back to this old homestead when the Parkers lived there before the Lufburrows. He recalls picking pecans as a child from the numerous pecan trees that grew there.  
I’m sure hoping some of you will recognize the people and maybe the dogs in these photos.
I am glad Royce brought these old pictures of Liberty County’s past to share with me. The old coffee can contained treasures that had been well-preserved — thank goodness they were found in the nick of time.
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