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Boring is as boring does; it's not the place
Military Spouse
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There’s nothing to do around Hinesville. It’s a claim I’ve heard probably a thousand times since moving here and one I still don’t understand.

The primary complaint I hear is regarding the lack of a shopping mall. Seriously? There is obviously no lack of shopping stores in Hinesville. OK, so we don’t yet have a Target, and I understand how that could make you sad, but if you’re idea of something to do is limited to wandering through a department store, feel free to consider this your wake up call.

I just don’t see how almost everyone thinks you have to drive up to Savannah to have a decent weekend. Then again, since I come from a town with no stoplights maybe my perspective is just different.

Here’s how I see it:

The Hinesville area has so many restaurants that you could try something new every weekend for more than a year. So far, our favorite is Chopsticks, the little Chinese restaurant on E.G. Miles. Liberty Cinemas always has a great selection of movies for adults or families. Fort Stewart has two bowling alleys open to civilians and military alike. The Liberty County Recreation Department and the YMCA have a long list of sports and classes children and adults can choose from to break up the so-called boring days.

That’s just scratching the surface. Museums, parks, golf clubs, paintballing and even libraries — because, yes, some of us still read — all make for what looks to me like a great summer where trips to Savannah are a little less necessary. I say save your gas money and put it back into your community instead. Plenty of great people are working hard to make this community a better place for the enjoyment and safety of its residents, and we only hurt that effort when we opt to leave the area in search of a good time.

Of course I’m not saying you should never skip town. God knows I’m a traveler and that I absolutely adore Savannah, but it’s definitely not the only option for a good time.

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