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Hinesville's earliest days
Liberty lore
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This map is a reproduction of an advertisement in area papers in 1873, offering lots in the newly created Hinesville for sale.

In 1837 the Liberty County seat of government was moved from Riceborough to Hinesville. It was named for Charlton Hines, an early settler who was serving as senator from Liberty County and was instrumental in having the county seat moved to Hinesville.

A survey of land for the town was completed in March of 1837 and was purchased from heirs of John Martin. It adjoined the field known as Zouck’s Old Field. The land was split into 60 lots and six were reserved for public buildings, including a Methodist Church.

The lots were sold in April of 1837.  The most expensive lot sold for $67.00. Charlton Hines purchased 8 lots for a total of $309.50.

A two-story building of wood construction was erected in the center of town for the courthouse with space reserved for a green on each side. A watering place was provided on the southeast corner for the horses and a pump was installed for public use.  The Liberty County Courthouse opened for business on Sept. 12, 1837.

The first mayor and town council for Hinesville was selected on Dec. 10, 1893. It was incorporated as the city of Hinesville on Aug. 9, 1916.

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