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Accountability is the answer
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Editor, I have just finished reading “Quest for Justice” written by Joe Parker in Friday’s  edition of the Coastal Courier and wish to commend him for his reportage and also the courage this most recent grand jury displayed in tackling controversial issues that have much bearing on the taxpaying public. For far too long shades of gray and downright stonewalling have gone on by some of these entities and maybe we, the public, will finally get some answers.  Accountability is the issue.
It will be interesting to learn which agency’s contempt for the grand jury was demonstrated by their response that “they were independent, that the requests (by the grand jury) were highly irregular, not in keeping with their previous submissions and that they were busy with other matters...”
Excuse me! Too busy to respond to the grand jury? Think about that statement for a moment: “Too busy to respond to the grand jury.”
What this agency is in effect saying is they consider themselves above the law and not answerable to the public or anyone else except themselves. I do not know if this was the hospital authority or not.  I do know, however, I have attended several meetings of the hospital authority and this level of contempt for the public and in particular the contempt held toward the patients of Dr. Carter is openly and routinely on display.
No one is above the law. No one. Maybe now, thanks to Mr. Krebs and the brave members of this most recent grand jury, justice, in the end, might prevail and that would be a good thing for Liberty County.
Jimmy Darsey
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