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Attention driver: What were you thinking?
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Editor, This letter is addressed to the young fool who nearly killed me this morning at 7:25 a.m., going west at 100 mph on Limerick Road while trying to pass someone who was “only” doing the speed limit on that narrow, two-lane road.
I was coming out of Seabrook Island Road, turning right onto Limerick to go to the recycling center, on the way to work. I had looked west and saw no one coming in my lane, so I started to turn right onto Limerick to go the 50 feet to the recycling center entrance. Then I saw your headlights, coming at me at what looked like 100 mph, as you tried to speed around the vehicle in front of you, oblivious to the possibility that someone might interfere with your plan to pass that person and get to US 17, all of — what — three whole seconds sooner?
I thought I was dead. I thought you were going to die, too. That’s a narrow, two-lane road with ditches on either side, so there was no place for you to go. I’ve made that turn a million times, in the 20 years I’ve lived there and never had this problem before. (Although I’ve had lots of people try to pass folks on that road doing 70 mph, before. More idiots!)
Fortunately, I saw you in time to slam on my brakes. You saw me, too and slammed on your brakes. You probably had a wet spot on your car seat at that point. I nearly did. But I was able to stop, whereas you were burning rubber and sliding all over the lane you were in. I could smell your burnt rubber all the way down to the recycling center and back five minutes later.
You were going so fast I couldn’t really see your vehicle, only your panicked face as you went careening by me, scared to death you were going to go out of control and hit a tree or worse. And the poor person you were trying to pass was probably also freaking out, thinking they were going to die too. And for what? Your stupidity???
Aren’t you glad at least one of us was able to stop in time? Was it worth it to nearly kill half a dozen people just because you wanted to get to US 17 three seconds faster?
The other cars behind you would have surely gotten caught up in the huge wreck you nearly caused. If you had hit me head on, as you were about to do, none of us on the road that morning would have survived. And if we did, we would have surely wished we hadn’t.
That stretch of Limerick Road is not that long. There is a double blinking light at the intersection with US 17. It’s there for a reason. There is heavy traffic up and down 17 at that time of day. What did you think you were going to accomplish?
I hope I never find out who you are. If I do, you’d better watch out.
Next time, use your brain. God gave you one for a reason. And follow the speed limit. It’s there for a reason, too.  

R.B. Semmes
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