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Authorities ignore road danger
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Editor, Once again, Georgia newspapers and others have notified us that Georgia state troopers and others across the nation will be targeting impaired drivers and the lack of seat-belt users during the holidays for motorists’ safety.
However, they repeatedly fail to inform us about the hazards of “alligators” on Georgia highways and in many other states.
We see large numbers of alligators (treads off recapped tires) on the roadways while members of law enforcement, work crews and others ignore this hazard and rush off to issue traffic citations.
While I believe most Americans appreciate the work of law enforcement and respect state patrol officers nationwide for their consistent professionalism, many motorists are disappointed and outraged over these dangerous alligators on Interstates 75, 95 and other four-lane highways. But members of law enforcement, along with our newspapers, seem to ignore this major hazard. How sad.
Leaving this debris on roads for hours, days, weeks and months has caused too many accidents, injuries deaths, and shows a lack of real concern for motorists’ safety.
Yes! By all means set up roadblocks, check seat-belt usage and issue tickets, but for heaven’s sake, remove foreign objects from roads with the same concern as is put into issuing traffic citations.
It is our responsibility to hold law enforcement, work crews and others accountable for removing trash and blown off recapped tires from roadways. Our major focus should be insuring that our children are safe, clothed, fed, workers rights are protected, and that our homes are kept out of foreclosures during these hard economic times.

George Boston Rynes,
U.S. armed forces retired
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