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Curbside trash collection not for entire east end of county
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Editor, Our south central rural solid waste stakeholders were invited to the Riceboro City Hall on Aug. 27 to discuss proposed plans to close the last three dumpster sites in Liberty County.
These sites have become environmental eyesores for Liberty County and are illegally used by contractors and residents of other counties. They are located on EB Cooper Highway (near the Bubba Houston Salvage Yard); on Shell Road (near the Briar Bay community) and on US 17 at the southern end of Ways Temple Road.
Residential area served by these sites includes homes located along EB Cooper Highway between the city limits Walthourville and Riceboro (1500 foot either side of highway centerline) and outside the city limits of Riceboro (the Cross Roads) along Barrington Ferry down Shell Road to Briar Bay Road (includes all of the Briar Bay Community), the rural area south of Sandy Run Road, all of the Retreat Road (less that 300 foot section at US 17 which is in Riceboro), the Old Darien Road and Boy Scout Road (East side of I-95 at the end of Retreat Road) and US 17 South from the Sandy Run/Retreat Road intersection to the South Newport/I-95 Interchange including Ways Temple Road. The sites require extraordinary effort (manpower and equipment cost) to maintain and once cleaned (three and four times per week) they immediately fall back into a state of disrepair.
The proposal presented Monday evening was strictly for those rural residents served by these three dumpster sites. As presented, the sites would be closed and the rural residents would be provided with 95 gallon polycarts (trash cans) that would then be serviced weekly. The polycarts would be placed close to the rural resident’s mail box or at location near the major highway and resident’s driveway. Additionally, since these residents have no convenient location to dispose of their white goods and brown goods, these items would also be collected at the “curb.”  The cost for this service is estimated to be an additional $3 per month or $36 per year. This new cost would be added to the current solid waste assessment, $105.60, for these rural residents, making the new solid waste assessment $141.60. This service is proposed to begin Dec. 1, 2007. Those rural residents in attendance, by majority vote, approved the proposal.
As stated during the meeting, industry standards suggest polycart service becomes cost effective (breakeven) at about 800 dwelling units. This service district has fewer than 200 homes. To increase the efficiency of this new service, additional customers would be solicited by the Liberty County Solid Waste Authority. The municipalities of Riceboro and Midway were discussed as being potential future customers. However, contrary to the Courier report of Aug. 29, initiation of rural service on Dec. 1 does not include these two municipalities or any other additional clients.
I appreciate the opportunity to clarify the proposal submitted on behalf of the residents of the new service area. I would also like to thank the residents of the proposed new polycart service district in south central Liberty County for their support and trust in our operations.    

David C. Sapp,
Liberty County Solid Waste Director
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