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Help shelter earn a makeover
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Editor, The Liberty Humane Shelter is in position 13 on as of Feb. 22. With only 19 days left until the end of Phase I, we’re hoping you’ll join us in our endeavor to win the Million Dollar Makeover. If you post daily, every point will help us stay in the top 20 until the end of Phase 1.
To find out how to earn points on zootoo, please go to your zootoo start page and click on the fish bowl under your user name and next to your profile image. A user can earn up to 274 points per day, not including friend referrals which are an addition 50 points each.
LHS is sinking out of the top 20 and we need all the zootoo supporters we can get for the next 20 days. With your help, we can remain in the top 20 on zootoo!
If we are in the top 20 by midnight, March 13, our shelter will automatically receive $5,000. There’s also a chance we could win the makeover or $50,000 for second place or $25,000 for third.
We have never been a part of something this big and we would like you to be a part of it as well. Will you help us?
Thank you so much

Amanda Cox for
Liberty Humane Shelter
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