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LCDA member says leave request was timely
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Editor’s note: Liberty County Development Authority member Graylan Quarterman is currently working in Europe and the authority and county commission are trying to decide whether to hold his seat open for him.


Some of your readers have the perception that I left the LCDA board in limbo without sufficient notice when in fact, I submitted my request for a leave of absence as early as June to my colleagues, the LCDA, and the County Commissioners. I am asking that you help me set the record straight.  
Each board member for the LCDA was informed of my timeline for departure.  This information was reported at two scheduled meetings, but did not make it into the minutes.  There were also follow up emails sent to the county administrator, each commissioner, LCDA CEO, LCDA president and vice president.
HQ USAREUR 7TH Army, Heidelberg, Germany, has requested my service in the Balkans Real Estate Field Office, Camp Bondstell, Kosovo, to handle real estate transactions.  After much discussion with family, coworkers and colleague, I agreed to accept the mission to assist in a very valuable and hard to fill position for the U. S. armed forces.
When members of the armed services deploy from our community our board, me included, has always advocated support for the military.  Although I do not serve in a combat position, I do perform a service for our country in a different capacity.  When questions arose on my assignment, I personally contacted each commissioner providing them detailed information.  I was unable to reach one of the commissioners, and Commissioner Marion Stevens Jr. requested all documents of my travel, to include a copy of my orders which I readily provided.  After my conversation with each commissioner, I was left with the understanding that I would be fully supported.
Finally, my resolve will be the decision of the commissioners as I want to do what is best for Liberty County, and in no way want this matter to interfere with my record of achievement as a board member, or divert attention from the many important issues that come before the board.

Graylan Quarterman
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