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Let's mend fences and make changes
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Editor, I sympathize with the people on Colonel’s Island who are singled out by a developer because they will not sell their land to him.
First, shame on the developer for being a “spoiled brat” and seeking revenge like this. Perhaps he needs to go see Dr. Phil. 
Second, shame on the leaders of this county (Are they elected? I suggest citizens stand up for these people and call their elected officials expressing their disgust) for letting this illegal action happen.
This fence should be immediately removed, if not by the developer, then by the county. Why has this not happened? If you or I had illegally erected a fence, guess what would have happened the next day? (Not hard to figure out.)
Third, ditto for the curb and access to their land. I have been told everyone who owns property in this country is supposed to have legal access to it. Is this developer such a pitiful dolt that he doesn’t get that these people don’t want to sell? Grin and bear it, and get along. Put in a ramp for them, take down the fence that obstructs their view (that they paid graciously for, and obviously do not want to lose), and as a act of kindness and neighborliness, perhaps even gravel a driveway to their home. That would be the proper, Southern gentlemanly thing to do.
Did I read correctly in the Courier the “county” is reviewing whether they can “give” this road to the developer? How about giving it to these folks, and let them control the developer? How about putting it on the November ballot? I would put 100 percent of my savings on whom would win. Besides, who has legal right to “give” this to anyone? Doesn’t it belong to the county?
I suggest the people of this county show respect for the county and developer (something they haven’t done for these unfortunate people), and give them a week to grow up and act responsibly. If nothing is done, how about having a “peaceful demonstration?”
And since no one will be there to see it, substitute signs with chain saws, pick axes and sledge hammers, and we will take care of these people’s problems. And we can do it over and over.
The way developers are taking over this county, if we don’t do something drastic, and the “leaders” we have voted in (hired) will not either, the palms of Liberty County will be permanently greased, and we will all eventually be in the same situation.
Come on folks, get on the phone. If nothing is done, let’s show the developers we will not be spit upon.
This is our county — not the developers or our “county fathers” to do with as they please. And don’t forget, we do vote. Perhaps it’s time to send a message if nothing is done.

John Keinath, Ph.D
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