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Liberty Humane Shelter in dire need
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Editor, We are planning our “Pouring for Paws” for Dec. 13 at Vanne’s in Hinesville. (where Elrod’s was located).
We will start the event at 6 p.m. and will end around 10 p.m. We were very successful last year and we hope we can have a repeat of that this year.
We are in the process of putting our teams together and hope we can have some awesome local celebrities this year.
We are in great need of financial support from the community and hope this fundraiser will help us.
Please, if you know of someone who would be great at serving drinks for about 20 minutes (with the help of qualified bartenders) and mostly people who would be able to get the community support to help raise tips for their service, let me know.
The idea is to get the teams to challenge one another and to rally the crowd to give them the tips. The more money collected before the event the better.
We are also micro chipping animals now, which is another small fundraiser. If you need you animal micro chipped we are doing it at the shelter for the public by appointment.
On Dec. 15-16, we will be at Petsmart for Santa Paws. We have one Santa but need another for the second day. Do you know a Santa for us?
At the shelter, we have done many great things this past year; we anticipate many more improvements in the future.
Unfortunately, things beyond the current board’s control has caused a serious financial burden on us. We have straightened the situation out but it has cost us dearly.
We have sent out checks that total $12,867. We were not prepared for that type of payout, so as you can see, we are desperately in need of assistance.
I fear the upcoming months and the upcoming fundraisers will determine the fate of the shelter.
I am committed, just as the other board members are, to making the shelter the best it has ever been. So we will be working to make sure that we make it over this hard time to face better times in the future. But we need everyone’s help.
Please do what you can to help us help the animals.
Any help that you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.
Sandra Frye
Liberty Humane Shelter Executive Board President
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