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Long County tax fight brewing
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Editor,  First, may I thank you for printing my previous letters concerning the unfair farm tax increases in Long County.
Our farm taxes increased almost five-fold in 2007 and my neighbors even increased seven-fold. This after no changes except we had less land than in 2006. Our appeal process was a joke.
We have since learned this is a statewide problem. So we turned to Gov. Purdue for help. Among a list of attorneys he sent us for our area, we found a firm in Darien willing to help with this problem. They told us they are holding an open meeting for farmers and others on Nov. 6, at 2 p.m. at their office.
F.Y.I. This is from Governor Purdue’s letter: “You may wish to consider filing a claim for refund with your county governing authority based on an erroneous or illegal assessment.”
This will be one of the topics discussed at the meeting.
Also, a direct quote: “The General Assembly has set up two methods where a member or members of county boards of assessors may be removed should they fail to perform their responsibilities in an impartial and proper manner. One such means of removal is by the county governing authority and the other is through a petition of 100 or more freeholders of the county for removal.” This may be discussed, as well.
I have contacted Lynn at Anderson’s Feed & Seed, and she will allow me to place such a petition, if the interest is there.
Please join us at the Darien location and contact me at 545-2323 for further information or if you are willing to sign a petition for removal. Thank you for your time and may God bless America and our troops.

Ray and Penny Salter
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