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People deserve truth about candidate
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Editor, With the upcoming runoff election for Liberty County sheriff, I feel the need to bring to light some disturbing questions.
The “buzz” on the campaign trail is that one candidate has the experience necessary to qualify him to be sheriff. 
The question I ask is what type of discharge did Mr. Waye receive from the military and why was it not an honorable discharge?  Tell the public the truth. 
  I also ask what involvement did you or do you have in the establishment of the “Tru Playas” club?
People of Liberty County, do you really want to put “the fox in charge of the Hen house?” 
  These questions need to be answered in a public forum like the Coastal Courier.
I worked with this candidate in the past and find it intolerable that he be considered for election to the highest law enforcement position in the county. 
  Please, good citizens, require that these questions be answered then decide. 
  I did not vote for either candidate in the runoff but I have made the decision to go public due to my love for this county and the citizens. 
  If you choose to not vote than do not complain about the results.  You shall reap what you sow.
— Ken Porter

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