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Politicians fail citizens
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Editor, I am disgusted with both of my U.S. senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, and my U.S. representative, Jack Kingston. I am also ashamed of my Republican Party that has become as liberal as the Democrat Party was 20 years ago as today’s Democrat Party has become the socialist party.
President Bush, who has disappointed me greatly on many issues, has outdone himself with this bailout. I would not vote for him again but I don’t think he or any of his mouthpieces know if this $800 billion tax-raid will eventually have a good affect, no affect or a bad affect on our economy. Now that the Stock Market has taken a serious dive, I do not trust anyone who was in favor of this bailout. We have been screwed.
I think that we should have let the economy correct itself, prosecute the criminals, and oust the legislators that had anything to do with removing the mortgage lending requirements.
It used to be that only the Democrats were actively working to take more of my money. Now it is also President Bush and the Republican leaders in Congress. No one represents me in Washington today. And, what is worse, neither presidential candidate shares my views. Sen. McCain agrees with me on the war on terror and a few less important things. Sen. Obama agrees with me on nothing. He is a socialist.
Obama believes in some things that I find horrendous. Partial birth abortion is one. Barack Obama has given support to our enemies while running for the office of president. He is a close friend of Hugo Chavez. He supports Hezbollah and Hamas, and disrespects Israel. He says that American military members intentionally kill innocent civilians but he offers no proof. He said that he will ignore the advice of military generals in the war zones and gut our military forces at his discretion.
If Obama becomes president, will he be on America’s side? I don’t think so.

Al Teal

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