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That makes NO sense
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Many things about government make no sense to me. That may just be because I’m not a government policy scholar … or it may be because some government guidelines really are, well, senseless.

My husband, who currently is looking for work, recently visited the unemployment office to file his initial claim. He told the representative he spoke to that he plans to do as much temporary work as possible while he’s looking for a permanent position. The representative told him that’s great, but he’ll need to report any money he earns to the unemployment office so they can reduce his unemployment pay on the weeks he wrangles some temporary or freelance work.

Excuse me?! That may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Let me see if I’ve got this straight: My husband, who lost his job through no fault of his own, wants to get back on his feet and support his family as soon as possible. So he takes on some freelance work for a Savannah-area college and gets certified to substitute teach in public schools. And now the government is going to PENALIZE him for showing initiative by taking money AWAY from him.

Yeah, that sounds about right to me.

It’s no wonder people make a career out of living off the government! There’s no incentive to get off your rear end and make a living. Why would my husband go out and take on odd jobs and assignments to make a few extra bucks while he searches for a permanent position when he could just sit at home on our couch and let the government supply him with unemployment pay? Either way, thanks to this stupid rule, he’ll get the same amount of money.

Luckily, my husband is a stand-up guy who has no desire to let other people pay his way through life while he coasts, so he is still doing freelance work and substitute teaching – and sending out resumes constantly in an attempt to secure a full-time position. But I’m sure there are many people out there who would not take that same course of action if they were in his situation.

If out-of-work Americans who are looking hard for jobs can help support themselves and their families by picking up freelance or temporary gigs, the government should let them keep that money in addition to their unemployment pay! Taking money away from the people who are determined to eke out a living – PUNISHING them for working – might be the most absurd government policy in existence. Then again, it IS the government. I’m sure stranger policies do exist.

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