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Waiting is not my thing
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I am not a patient person.


Is it a personality flaw? Perhaps. But I am not one to just "wait around" because it is "fun". Fun is being active and moving and doing stuff. Getting stuff done is progressive and required, and if I have to wait to get it done, I feel as if I have done nothing or am wasting precious time I could have been doing something.


Fun is not waiting at a red light, standing in a line, or walking slow as molasses because Grandma Sue can't walk more than two inches at a time and must block my every attempt to move around her. (And yes, I am aware of the fact that one day I will be old too. Until then, please move out of my way.)


It seems that every single time I must go somewhere in a jiffy, that everyone else around me does not notice my complete and utter impatience to get whatever task is at hand that I must complete in a timely manner.


Red lights, for example.


Have you ever noticed that every time you are late and REALLY need to be somewhere like, ten minutes ago, that all the lights along your way will turn red the minute you are about to cross into the intersection? If I knew I wasn't going to die, kill someone else or get an extremely high priced ticket for running red lights, I would totally do it. I suppose waiting in jail for my trial would be worse than waiting the two minutes it takes for the light to change to the beloved green.




Also, I know the economy really sucks right now, but even when the economy was super robust, it seemed to me that there were three places that were always busy, no matter the time or day.


1. The DMV (I hate this place).

2. The post office (I hate this place too).

3. Walmart (don't even get me started).


DMV: At the DMV, everyone has to be ridiculously quiet. Why? And why is it that the numbers are ALWAYS out of order when you get called? At least that's the way I have noticed it. Maybe that's because I think my number should be the first one called, since I usually have the simplest request in the world. Just let me get an express pass to cut the line. I promise I will only take two minutes. I already have my old driver's license, current registration, car insurance, social security card, birth certificate, first born and whatever other kind of paperwork/money/life values the DMV thinks is required for me to shoot my mug shot and get a new, shiny license. The woman with the five screaming children and the purse that will take a million years and an organizational shelf to get sorted needs to step to the side, contain her children and let the other 40 people behind her get to their business. Duh.


Post office: I went to the post office today, and only one person was working behind the counter. Until the line behind me started snaking around the island counter and almost out through the security scanner beepers, then another postal worker appeared. All I needed was to weigh two envelopes that already had stamps on them. I suspected the stamps applied to the front matched correctly for how heavy each was, but I had to know for sure. The people ahead of me had to mail huge packages, get passport photos, buy stamps, etc. The lady behind the counter confirmed that I was correct after weighing the envelopes on the scale. Seriously? Ugh. I could have just sent the cards from home. And why the hell is the post office so busy on a Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m.? Don't these people have jobs?!


Walmart: The biggest cult in the world. Enough said. That place always makes me wait and is forever busy.


I'm not sure who said, "patience is a virtue", but I'm pretty sure that it is one piece of virtue I may never encompass. I couldn't wait to grow up. Now I can't wait for tomorrow to come, or even better, I wish every single day would hurry up and be Friday.


I can't wait to be successful, to be a better person, to be "on with my life". It is a never ending cycle. I reach one goal, and I feel the need to reach a higher plateau, now. There are a lot of things that I just can't seem to muster the patience up to wait for because I am one of those people who expects immediate results, even though I know darn well that immediate results are not going to come. I try to get things done immediately, therefore, I expect that all things in my life shall fall the exact same way. Unfortunately, over the last few years, I have learned that things don't happen on demand. These are the times I need a life remote to move backwards, fast forward or just pause a blissful moment in life. Wouldn't that be nice?


There are a lot of things I want right this very second. If I hear someone say, "good things come to those who wait" one more time, I may just tell them to wait for me in the "waiting line" as I go on doing other things while that other thing I was waiting to happen actually happens.

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