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Chipper should just hang it up
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If I were more clever, I could think of a cool lead for this column. Instead, I’ll just jump right in by noting what follows is a smattering of opinions on sports topics. That’s right. The Bottom Line is back.
Chipper’s farewell: Braves star Chipper Jones has numbers that will put him in the Hall of Fame one day. That said, just once I’d love for a Hall of Fame-caliber player to announce his retirement the day he hangs it up, not in advance so he can have a farewell tour. Just hang it up Chipper, and call it a career.
Georgia Southern to FBS: Say it ain’t so. I am a Georgia Southern fan in part because that’s where I finished up my checkered college career. But no way the Eagles should be in FBS.
We’ve got to get over this mentality that “just because it’s on ESPN more it’s more important.” It isn’t. It just means more TV timeouts.  
Kudos: To Liberty County High School linebacker Raekwon McMillan, who scouts are calling one of the best high-school players in the country. I certainly wish him all the success he can handle.
But I’m not sure I will be an NFL fan much longer, because I’m basically watching people destroy their health for fame and fortune.
That’s their prerogative, mind you, but I don’t have to be a party too it. Besides, I’m tired of watching Roger Goodell hug first-round draft picks. Actually, I’m tired of watching drafts, period. And what kind of people go to these things?

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