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Do others see Jesus in you?
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

Recently my wife and I went to Michigan to see her father. While there, he took us out to eat at what has become his favorite restaurant. He told us the reason he liked it and why he recommended it to his friends.

He kept going back because in his words, "This restaurant is clean, not noisy and the waitresses are all friendly."

As he was speaking, I wondered what people are thinking when they watch our lives. Do they even know that we are people of faith? Could they recommend the Jesus we follow based on our lives and conversation?

The writer to a church in Thessalonica in scripture tells them that others were taking notice of their faith and that it was a positive thing. In 1 Thessalonians 1:8 he says, "Your faith in God has become known everywhere."

People are watching us. There are those who are seeking for something that is real and genuine – something that will change their life and something they can recommend to others.

So the big question is, are they seeing this in you?

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