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Look at your own reflection
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The other day I was sitting in the hospital parking lot when I noticed that a hawk had landed in the tree next to my car. It then proceeded to fly down and land on the hood of a car sitting across from mine.
I sat there and watched this bird clamp onto the hood by the windshield and stare into its reflection. Its eyes seem to be filled with anger, and its feathers flared out se eing what likely appeared to be another angry hawk. After a long staring match, the hawk finally flew off to another tree.
This all brought my attention to the fact that most people spend at least some time in front of a mirror where they can see themselves. Women put on makeup, fix their hair and see how their clothes fit, while men adjust their ties and comb their hair. Both watch themselves brush their teeth.
I wonder how many times we look into the mirror and actually ask ourselves who we are looking at. Is this person in the mirror a person of honesty and integrity? What kind of character do we possess? Have we found God’s purpose for us on this earth? And most important of all, have we found God through Christ?
When we look at ourselves in the mirror and see someone we are ashamed of, then is time to reach out to the Lord to help us; confessing our sins to a listening savior who has promised to forgive us.
When you look and see something good, take the time to praise God for making a difference in your life.

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