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Renew your mind
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

There is a question that is asked by many individuals: "Why does God let bad things happen to good people?"

There are many debatable answers to this question. As I journey through life, I can relate to that question personally, as a teenager having a head-on collision in a car accident. I survived, but the mother of two children and a wife did not. I ask the question in my mind, "Why am I still here?" That young lady had a family just like I did. That accident was tragic, but my mind began to think in a different way. The question is heard across our nation as we hear of the hurricanes, earthquakes, mass shootings and media reports.

In the sport of NASCAR, there are many drivers racing at a high speed with one common goal, win the race. The preparation for the race starts in the mind of the driver to be ready to compete against all odds. The driver has his or her mind set on making sure the car they are driving is ready. As in any other sport, they surround themselves with people that will coach them to the win. These drivers watch tapes, get their body in shape physically and the list goes on to prepare for the big day.

A variable is something that causes you to adjust or change. There are variables that take place in our lives that change a situation or circumstances that will cause us to renew our mind. As with the NASCAR drivers, they have prepared for this big day only to begin on their second lap at a high rate of speed and one of the drivers crashes. The driver that crashed is the variable for the remaining drivers that will cause them to quickly adjust to continue in the race.

In our lives, there will always be a variable that we will face. In these times is when we will have the opportunity to renew our mind through reading the bible. It is good to travel or get around other people to renew your mind, but the word of God will instruct you on how to deal with whatever you are facing. Instead of asking why this or that happened, allow your mind to be renewed on how you can learn from the situation.

Across our nation, people who slacked in prayer are now praying. Individuals who only looked out for themselves are genuinely reaching out to help others. There is a bigger picture than the issue itself. Don’t wait for variables to take place to renew your mind. Renew your mind daily through the word of God so that when the variables come, you have the power and the strength to endure and adjust with a good mindset.

The best way to renew your mind is to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Give Jesus a chance. Romans 12:1-2, Romans 10:9-10

Frazier is the pastor of Rivers of Living Waters.

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